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The first big hearing of the week played more as political theater than the first step toward a massi

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The first big hearing of the week played more as political theater than the first step toward a massive new regulatory regime for Facebook et al to contend with.
A bipartisan group of Senators grilled tech companies today about how Russians used their platforms to interfere in the 2016 election, calling on them to better monitor abuse in the future. A subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary committee challenged top lawyers from Facebook, Google, and Twitter on the potential use of shell companies to hide advertiser identities, the malicious use of bot networks, and the limited capabilities of existing ad review policies. But despite the bipartisan appeal of criticizing the tech companies in public, it’s not clear what, if anything, will come of the critiques.
Facebook took the brunt of the criticism from senators … and still emerged basically totally unscathed. Maybe senators on the intelligence committees will draw blood tomorrow. But given how closely Facebook’s Colin Stretch and his counterparts at Google and Twitter stuck to the script, I’m not expecting them to.
I am, however, expecting to wake up very early here on the West Coast to watch day two. Both of Wednesday’s hearings will be streamed by C-SPAN. The first one, at 9:30AM ET, is the Senate Select Intelligence Committee (Chairman Richard M. Burr, R-N.C.) which will be streamed here.
The second one, at 2PM ET, is the House Select Intelligence Committee (Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif.), which will be streamed here
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