hello from the hyper room

By Casey Lau

Trying to connect the dots inside a newsletter.

Trying to connect the dots inside a newsletter.

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Second Genesis (of a NFT newsletter)

Writing this newsletter is fun and I will continue to send them out, but only as we get closer to any new conference we are doing.The calendar for events for 2022:RISE: March 14-17, 2022Collision: June 20-23, 2022Web Summit: November 1-4. 2022Until we get clo…


Back from Lisbon

I did it.I survived my first round trip international flight in 2 years. And from the looks of it many of you reading this also did it and joined me at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Quick notes on the trip:PCR test 72 hours before. Yes it’s the one then sti…


Getting on a plane for the first time since 2019!

This will be the last pre-Web Summit update. I am heading over to Lisbon in the next few weeks for the first live event since Web Summit 2019. I am as interested to see how this goes as you are and will be broadcasting live from my Instagram but will compile …


RISE is back for more dim sum

You've no doubt heard the news that RISE is moving back to Hong Kong and committing to FIVE years, after a pivot away from our announced move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia late last year.Here is Techcrunch's storyHere is CNN's storyTBH I'm excited just to have RI…


Lisbon, Vancouver, eSports and Web Comics

So the big thing I am working towards is getting on a plane and flying to Portugal for the first LIVE event we will be hosting since 2019 for Web Summit 2021.It seems like we have been in a time bubble but it looks like the stars are aligning for a reduced ca…


2021: The divisive sequel to 2020

If you haven't heard, RISE is leaving Hong Kong (!) and not only will there be a new host city there will now be TWO conferences in Asia: Kuala Lumpur will be the new host city for RISE, and Tokyo, Japan will be the host city for a new edition of Web Summit. …


WTH? Less than 60 Days to Web Summit 2020

I am a one-man podcast studio with 3 weekly shows! I love talking to interesting people and sharing these conversations with you while you are at the gym, driving (somewhere) or cleaning the dishes:Sandwich Society - is my digital entertainment podcast - so i…


Casey is on YouTube!

Hey there -I hope you're well and adjusting to our new lives wherever you are.Just a quick line that I've started a YouTube channel (from my living room in Vancouver, Canada) hyping up our new online conference COLLISION FROM HOME.I was overblown with loooonn…


Catching up with Casey in November 2019

Biggest 3 things that have happened since the last email newsletter:StartupsHK has been re-branded as StartupsGBA - we are all in doing the same work in HK and now including the Greater Bay Area. Read more.RISE and Web Summit were bigger and better than ever …


Wolverine Poutine, Infinity Shots and Startup Burnout

Back from an amazing Collision conference, a weekend in Montreal and watching the Raptors win the NBA finals in a sport I've never even watched before personally since Michael Jordan was playing but very exciting stuff happening over in Canada - here is a few…


A Collision in Toronto, Sydney Startup Hub and how I left my soul (stone) on Vormir

I'm heading to Toronto 🇨🇦 for Collision next week - I am super excited as from the looks of it, it is 7 TIMES LARGER than last year's event in New Orleans. 7 TIMES! I'm proud of my home country for stepping up and embracing the event and I know it will return…


Ramen, Productivity, Love, Death and Robots - in that order 🧙🏻‍♂️

Last issue I talked about "ikigai" and this time I wanted to show you a video I made when I visited the chef from the Ramen Heads documentary - do not watch on an empty stomach, but do watch after you've seen Ramen Heads to see what I would get up at 5am to e…


Hawaii, Ikigai and the Doom Patrol

I was thrilled to kick off this year’s East Meets West conference with a fireside chat with Hans Tung of GGV Capital - this guy literally has the Midas touch on picking the best startups to invest in and we got him over to Hawaii this year to spread some of h…


One month into 2019: Kanazawa, Taipei, Hong Kong and YOU!

Last time we spoke I was on my way to Kanazawa 🇯🇵to speak on a panel about ecosystems at the Infinity Ventures Summit - Techcrunch Japan posted this story about it and I met some cool new people and had a great time in Kanazawa. I posted a ton of pix online t…


PropTech, Taipei and the Endgame!

Attended my first MIPIM conference and it was a great first hand look at how the old property economy is crashing head first into tech. What is commonly referred to as "the last old economy industry to be disrupted by tech," PropTech is definitely taking hold…


Seoul, Lisbon, Bali, Shenzhen and a farewell to Stan Lee!

First, a quick trip to Seoul to speak about how RISE became such a big conference and the future of media at Next Content 2018. 3 takeaways from this trip:Azar is a huge video dating app (think Chatroulette but without the 🍆) outside of Korea, but its made in…


Toronto, Hereditary horror, and CannabisTech 🇨🇦

I visited Toronto for the first time (While I was born-and-raised in Vancouver, I came to Hong Kong right after school so I never traveled or worked in Canada proper.) I loved a week in the city and loved the ecosystem there. The vibe is: founders are excited…


New York City, Daredevil and the latest in RetailTech!

I attended Recode’s Code Commerce conference in New York City and as expected from Kara Swisher, Jason Del Rey and the Recode team it was chock full of superstar talks from the world of RetailTech! 🛒Very highly recommended if you are in the retail space. Get …


Seattle, Tel Aviv and the Immortal Iron Fist

I decided to drop down and see some friends in Seattle since it was close to Vancouver -- I checked out the Amazon Go store where you can just walk out without paying and other Seattle tech stuff - read all about it here -- and if you are a Twin Peaks fan lik…


Get ready for more frequent coffees inside newsletters

It's been almost 2 months since RISE and I'm still hearing people talking about it! One of the best things was seeing more friends and people I've met around the world make the trip to Hong Kong just for RISE and to have their minds blown - it really is so mu…