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Your first 2017 Casey Lau update!

Dear Startup Rebel, 2017 is here and I'm in Honolulu preparing the first startup conference of the ye

Casey Lau

January 4 · Issue #11 · View online
Connecting the dots inside this newsletter.

Dear Startup Rebel,
2017 is here and I’m in Honolulu preparing the first startup conference of the year - this newsletter is not only meant to tell you where I am in the world but to see what/who/how I can connect you (or me) with new people. If you read anything you’d like more info or connections to, please let me know! 

East Meets West 2017
The annual conference in Honolulu is coming together and is 2 weeks away as of today. We were able to get some great speakers and investors over to Hawaii the week before Chinese New Year like Christine Tsai from 500 Startups and Josh Slayton from AngelList and tons more; so LMK if you’re interested in coming or connecting with these speakers. I’ve set up a way for startups to pitch them in paddle boats in a lagoon (!!!) and office hours under umbrellas on Waikiki beach!  More details about it here and you can read my first Hawaii Business interview here.
Blue Startups in San Francisco
My first and their 8th cohort is done by the end of the month and we will be doing demo days in San Francisco between January 30-Feb 4 - so 3 things:
  1. If you want to meet any of Cohort 8
  2. Learn how to be part of Cohort 9…
  3. Meet for coffee in SF to talk about Asia and RISE…
…just ping me.
RISE of the Creators
Painting in VR with Tilt Brush
Painting in VR with Tilt Brush
We’re kicking off a few new stage at RISE this coming year and one that I am keen on doing is a CREATORS stage - I think imagination and creativity is at the heart of entrepreneurship and want to bring actors, musicians, artists, designers, and other creatives to a stage at RISE. If you are one or know of one anywhere in the world; get in touch.
Some New Year Resolutions
This year I’m going to force time to “make great art (and fantastic mistakes)” - 2016 has reminded me that every minute we have is precious and soI offer you my personal resolutions to see if I can stick to them: 
  1. I’m going through the process of putting up my old comic book Virtex on Kickstarter. If anyone reading this has done a book launch on KS before please let me know how it went.
  2. Starting a podcast, vlog is too much effort for now so I’ll start easier and would like to have you as a guest! 
  3. Launch fun tech projects that help.  
  4. Write my first science-fiction book. 
Pop Culture Shout-outs
Farewell my Princess.
Farewell my Princess.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was great but marred by the deaths of my real-life Princess Leia AND her mom. I just finished The Princess Diarist book and if you loved her like I did its almost a perfect way to say good bye - although extremely sarcastic about it she did love Star Wars and her fans and it captures who she was and what an amazing talent she was beyond Princess Leia. 
The Art of Rogue One and the DK Rogue One books are also great.
Also on the iPad waiting to be read: Tools of Titans and Star Wars: Catalyst.
I want to leave social media after watching this video about Millennials and social media...
Simon Sinek - Millennials in the Workplace
...except that I just got a pair of Spectacles.
The Snapbot at Aloha Tower on NYE.
The Snapbot at Aloha Tower on NYE.
They had them for available for 1-day in Honolulu so how could I pass this up? It’s the new iPhone 1 or at the least the 1st gen GoPro. Watch my increasingly frequent Snapchat posts here.
Top 'o KoKo Head
Top 'o KoKo Head
Ok that’s it for now - let me know if you need any help in 2017.
Your friend,
I use Revue to put this newsletter together and they just released a end of the year blog post that features their most popular users. They gave me a shout out because I was one of the earliest users. Wow time flies!
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