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The Casey Lau Newsletter Issue #2

If you've been following me on Twitter then you know it's been a pretty busy past few weeks - so lets

Casey Lau

March 24 · Issue #2 · View online
Let's do coffee...but now on YOUTUBE!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you know it’s been a pretty busy past few weeks - so lets try and summarise what I’ve been doing since the last newsletter and where I’ll be over the next few weeks…

SXSW 2015
SXSWi was a great event, I was there last in 2011, and it was more of a marathon than anything else. See a bunch of photos here:
Things I saw besides food trucks, barbecue and booze:
  • Biz Stone talk about Super
  • Robert Kirkman talk about The Walking Dead
  • Eric Reis launch his a Kickstarter for his new book.
  • The Community cast launching their new season on Yahoo!
  • 2-hour lines for Grumpy Cat.
  • Ed Catmull and the geniuses from Pixar.
  • Marc Goodman talk about Future Crimes
  • An amazing showcase from startups from Korea, Singapore and Japan - and a terrible why-bother effort from Hong Kong.
Just an incredible sensory overload of stuff over 5 days I’m still trying to process it all.
A few other things I learned:
  • Interactive is the biggest part of SXSW not Music or Film.
  • Meerkat won going in, and won coming out.
  • RSVPster is the best place to signup for everything for only $30.
  • Game of Thrones fans are really into that show.
  • PayPal lounge was the best place for free coffee, food, great wifi and place to recharge your devices.
  • Austin’s diversity is inspiring.
I’m not sure I’ll be first in line to go back next year, maybe every few years.
Walt Mossberg Straight Talk in Hong Kong
As soon as I landed back in Hong Kong I was hosting Re/Code co-founder and tech journalist legend Walt Mossberg for lunch and for an evening fireside chat in front of 300 people. It was a blast! You can read more about it here:
Tweets you may have missed:
Fun chatting and eating pizza with startups on an airplane wing in Hong Kong
Having a coffee at Maru 180 in Seoul. Amazing co-work space design.
Hanging out with Robert Kirkman and zombie friends.
Favorite stuff this month:
App of the Week: SCANNABLE
TV show of the Week: THE FLASH
Comic of the Week: THE PRIVATE EYE #10
Travel Dates
APRIL 9-15: Fukuoka/Tokyo
I’ll be in Japan for B-Dash Camp and for some more office hours and meetings in Tokyo.
MAY 4-8: Singapore
In town for Tech in Asia Singapore 2015.
MAY 11-16: Seoul
In town for BeGlobal 2015.
That's it for now!
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