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One month into 2019: Kanazawa, Taipei, Hong Kong and YOU!

What the hey it's already the end of January 2019! Here's what's up since you last heard from me...

Casey Lau

January 28 · Issue #24 · View online
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What the hey it’s already the end of January 2019! Here’s what’s up since you last heard from me…

Infinity Ventures Summit Kanazawa
Last time we spoke I was on my way to Kanazawa 🇯🇵to speak on a panel about ecosystems at the Infinity Ventures Summit - Techcrunch Japan posted this story about it and I met some cool new people and had a great time in Kanazawa. I posted a ton of pix online that influenced at least one group of friends to hit the city up as well. #TravelKOL 😂
SparkLabs Demo Day Taipei
Quick trip back to Taipei 🇹🇼- first and foremost to see SparkLabs Taipei very first Demo Day - great teams, great city and best nickname I’ve ever heard as someone told me Taiwan is the “Asian Wakanda 😂 - very fitting name for the country that created the textile tech that powers Lululemon and Nike, makes the worlds bike frames and of course now the components that go inside the autonomous cars. Viva Taiwan!
StartMeUp Festival Hong Kong
Just finished the exhausting 🤯StartMeUp Festival in 🇭🇰that featured an entirely different conference every day of the week - from HealthTech, RetailTech, LuxuryTech (!), Smart Cities to Jumpstarter to Startup Summit - there was something for everyone across the week - I even helped out on a UX event and an unconnected blockchain conference happening at the same time. The next big event coming to Hong Kong before RISE would be SaaStock - the European SaaS show coming to HK in May.
Audible and Yuval Noah Harari
I’m proud to say since focusing on Audible I’ve finished these 2 amazing books by Yuval Noah Harari that I’ve wanted to read for ages but too visually distracted to do so, I cut the podcast and social media intake down a lot, to focus on audiobooks and it worked and I’m loving it. Now I’m looking for more great books, read by awesome people like these ones - all suggestions welcome.🙏🏻
My Netflix Queue
Hey I fly a lot and I can’t work on the plane so here are somethings I watched that you might like too:
  • YOU - wow, I really liked this. What does that say about me? Best Netflix show since The Haunting of Hill House and isn’t even a proper Netflix Original it was on Lifetime first.
  • Bandersnatch - loved it! Spent longer going through all the pathways - I grew up on Choose Your Own Adventure so this was perfect.
  • Bird Box - loved this too! Loved everything about that some people hated about it. Felt like an old a school Stephen King movie like The Langoliers and The Mist - if you liked those then this is in your wheelhouse.
  • The Punisher Season 2 - Frank Castle is back, if you liked the first season it’s more of the same. Very, very violent at times. And like they say in the show he is “The Whirlwind.”
  • Titans - it looks great, good action sequences too. More mature than the CW DC shows. Not sure I’d recommend it unless you are like me, a die-hard comic book fan.
  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo - I met her at RISE 2016 and now she has her own show - I suggest reading her book, and use the show as an infomercial for it.
  • Fyre: the Greatest Party that Never Happened - yikes, this is a lesson about the world we live in today - social media will get you excited about anything if marketed properly.
Next stop: East Meets West 2019!
Back to Honolulu for the annual East Meets West conference where I am again, just a guest and will be doing a fireside chat with legendary investor Hans Tung - I will video it and share it next issue! 🌴🌴🌴
The main piece of News on my mind...
Yes, I’m worried about Trump’s wall but this Huawei CFO arrest is affecting me closer to home. I will most likely not be visiting China until this is solved or reaches it’s inevitable conclusion. Man, even Canada Goose - a Canadian jacket company - that has nothing to do with this other than being Mainland Chinese favorite coat to buy and copy - is going on a roller-coaster because of this. 🇨🇦
...and finally 5 Photos from my Camera Roll
(a.k.a. no more photos of people looking at stages )
My Airbnb in Kanazawa was an actual Samurai house! 🦄
Thumping the drum at a geisha house, notice elder lady on right rolling her eyes.
Gold ice cream famous in Kanazawa; you don't want to know what happened after I ate it.
Day trip to the city of Shirakawa-go, 1 hour outside Kanazawa!
Xmas gift of the very cool DJI Osmo Pocket - so get ready, next issue will be a video!
Sneak Peek: Start in (Asia)
Have a billion dollar idea? START IN ASIA! - Teaser
beFast TV is doing a reality show on startups around Asia - I got picked to host Hong Kong - check out this teaser. Before you ask me “what happened to you?” the answer is all I did was read this book 🤗.
See you around, Space Cowboy!
Your friend,
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