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Hawaii, Ikigai and the Doom Patrol

Happy Pig Year People! Hope you all had a great Chinese New Year and now that we’re officially back a

Casey Lau

February 18 · Issue #25 · View online
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Happy Pig Year People! Hope you all had a great Chinese New Year and now that we’re officially back and you’ve hopefully gotten through all your serious emails…

9am to 9pm, 6 days a week = China Hustleporn
East Meets West: Fireside Chat with Hans Tung of GGV Capital
I was thrilled to kick off this year’s East Meets West conference with a fireside chat with Hans Tung of GGV Capital - this guy literally has the Midas touch on picking the best startups to invest in and we got him over to Hawaii this year to spread some of his crazy knowledge on what’s happening in China - I was able to record it on my new DJI Oslo Pocket and here are the results.
Hong Kong's Vanilla Sky Moment
I also made this quick video for my friends in Dublin to see what the normally chaotic Hong Kong looks like during Chinese New Year - can you say “Ghost Town?”
Reading the Audiobooks
Since I’ve been flying and a bit under the weather I was able to catch up on some reading:
  • 21 Lessons for the 21st Century - I’m addicted to this guy and books like this!
  • Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace - the history of the office; the real one we work in, not the show. It’s actually a lot more frightening than you think. Especially if you were a woman in the 60’s. I’m actually reading this one and I can see how much slower I am compared to an audiobook.
  • Doom Patrol: Brick by Brick - was trippy and quite a lot of fun, not your normal superhero story. Just in time for the new TV show which was able to capture the weirdness quite well in its pilot.
  • The Future of Humanity - so Deus Ex inspired me to read as many of these futurist books as I can and with Audible I’m tearing through them. This one is written by Michio Kaku but the reading is fantastic by Feodor Chin.
Travel Gadget of the Month: Hydroflask
I was introduced to HydroFlask, 2 years ago when I first went to Hawaii where everyone and their dog had one - yes it looks like a normal thermos but it’s just the best one I’ve ever used. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t invest in a high quality water bottle like this - and I just bought the coffee mug version as well to keep my coffee hotter which works better than that Ember mug and I don’t have to plug it in. I hope to see more water dispensers across Asia like Flowater in the US – my personal favorite.
Collision in Toronto APAC Startup Leaders Entourage
The Asian entourage to Collision - RISE’s sister show - is filling up nicely - if you want to join, you have till the end of the month to fill this in (guys and GALS invited) The first year in Canada for Collision looks to be the most exciting one yet. I’m super excited!
Also, we launched our Women in Tech tickets for RISE in July. Please share this link 👉🏻
My Podcast pick of the Month
My picks of the month are:
  1. Works for Me - a productivity podcast from Bloomberg.
  2. Conan Needs a Friend - yes Conan O'Brien has a podcast.
  3. 996 - This is the podcast by GGV Capital that Hans and I discuss in the video at the top.
…but the biggest news is that Spotify bought not one but TWO big podcasting companies in the US not only making the market heat-up but really taking podcasts to a new legitimate level. Now, watch all the new podcast companies pop-up in Asia 😂
Good Reads I Tweeted or Pocketed
What gives you a reason to get up in the morning?
One book that really gave me a reason to think was Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life - and I just happened across it and yet I’ve been looking for ever since I’ve been traveling to Japan. I liked it so much I wrote this quick post on it.
...and finally my 5 Photos from my Camera Roll
To give you an idea: this is the exterior of the East Meets West conference venue in Waikiki...
...and this is the interior 😂 don't worry we all got enough time outside.
This is Google Lens - take a photo of my cat and found out the breed and links to read more about it. Either watch out Sherlock Holmes or get ready for Idiocracy.
I moderated this panel at iFX Expo in Hong Kong on blockchain accelerators.
I was introduced to this in Taipei and happy to find it in HK - the ultimate boba drink: TIGER SUGAR
Next stops: Tokyo and Singapore
Off to Tokyo (photo above via Skylum) and Singapore this month - let me know if you are around.

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