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Getting on a plane for the first time since 2019!

hello from the hyper room
Olá from the Hyper Room,
Hello new and OG subscribers - this is a semi-monthly update from me, you are getting this because you are in my personal network, you subscribed on Twitter or connected with me on social media.

Vancouver Delegation to Web Summit
This will be the last pre-Web Summit update. I am heading over to Lisbon in the next few weeks for the first live event since Web Summit 2019. I am as interested to see how this goes as you are and will be broadcasting live from my Instagram but will compile the footage for the next issue of this newsletter when I get back.
I won’t say it wasn’t tough meeting new people in Vancouver during a pandemic but the ones I did are just super cool and am so happy they are willing to join me in Lisbon. I have learned so much about the tech scene here and what is happening and I can’t wait to show them Web Summit and hopefully RISE next year.
Shout out to Chris Hobbs (host of the Afternoon T podcast) for being the first guy to buy a ticket without even looking and Dan Burgar for being an amazing connection to the world of AR/VR and will be leading discussions around The Metaverse - it is a miracle we are getting to this point, but its happening! 🤞🏻
Asia Venturing Tomorrow
My friend Elisa Chu invited me to moderate a great panel for her Asia Venturing online event with DigiTimes and AnchorTaiwan and I am happy to be chatting to Christine Tsai the woman behind the 500 Empire who recently rebranded 500 Startups to 500 Global as well as Employee #1 of Latch Cheney Wang and Richard Koo who has a $300+million fund in Japan backed by some of the big Japanese corporations. Will be digging in to see how they are leveraging Asia.
I am calling this my final Zoom Event of the year since the next event I have will be live in Lisbon then Comic-Con in San Diego. Let’s see if we can hold that pattern.
It's an NFT world we only live in it
I am absorbing so much NFT, DeFi and Web3 information every day - its actually quite exciting and you can see why its on everyone’s minds these days. It makes the talk of food delivery apps seem a bit old fashioned.
My friend Esther Ng put on this great NFT conference filled with interesting insight - watch the replay here. There are so many NFT conferences happening at the same time its hard to keep up.
What is Loot and why I think it is super interesting.
Vancouver’s Dapper Labs is transforming the NFT world now valued at $7.6 BILLION; here is a profile on the founders.
I grabbed a Sin City NFT with a crystal (image above) because I am the biggest Frank Miller fan and am supporting James Zhang and the Crypto Art House team.
My Hong Kong friends Gary and Wai-Lun got me to buy their NEKO NFT - here is what it looks like, its an animated gif but I can’t embed it here - yes, its worth several hundred US dollars (not millions):
Yes, but is it art?
Yes, but is it art?
I went to DC’s FanDome event and they gave everyone one of these NFTs just for attending. Now that is a lot of minting fees!
I got a Harley Quinn one.
I got a Harley Quinn one.
What does all this mean? As a collector of comics and other nerd culture it makes sense to me - if you don’t get it yet, this newsletter isn’t long enough to explain so maybe listen to Gary Vee explain it here - but I will bring up interesting tidbits in the next newsletter - or most likely I will start a separate one because its very interesting (but not to everyone).
I will publish my very own comic book as an NFT so if you want to read it you will buy a limited edition NFT version of it (basically a JPG) and you will own a copy with a specific number that will belong to you. It’s coming along nicely - actually its now 2 different series and I’m working with 2 great artists to flesh out the character designs before getting into the actual pages. When I was doing comics before the easiest way to sell a new idea was to pitch it like a high-concept Hollywood movie, one comic is What if Robocop was built by Elon Musk?” and the other comic is Indiana Jones meets The Butterfly Effect. Both are adventure sci-fi/fantasy stories but neither will feature superheroes. More to come! I wrote this quick piece on Substack comics for you to see how the old guard is doing it and you will see how I see NFTs fitting in there.
iPhone 13 in the house
Incredible camera, Cinematic Mode is amazing, its fast and just a great update. My first RED iPhone too.
Also a reminder this month marks the 10th anniversary of Steve Job’s passing and I love the video that Apple made:
“People with passion can change the world for the better.”
Ok that's it from me
Prep for Web Summit and also RISE 2022 is ongoing and I also booked my holiday to San Diego for Comic-Con at the end of November so if you are in SoCal I will be seeing you soon and then its back to Asia.
I’ll post the whole trip to Europe and back in the next issue.
Your friend,
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