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Countdown to Web Summit 2017

hello from the hyper room
Greetings from Dublin, Ireland where I’ve been at Web Summit HQ for the past few weeks preparing for Web Summit 2017 – It’s been great to spend more time on the ground with the teams here and participate closer to putting the finishing touches on the 60,000 person event. 

So many Summits
There are so many Summits happening at Web Summit - I will be in Lisbon on Nov 6 to be part of
  • Ecosystem Summit
  • VENTURE (the VC summit)
  • Corporate Innovation Summit
and that’s before the main Web Summit begins on 7-9 and F.ounders on 10 and 11. I might even find the energy to check-out Surf Summit on Nov 4-5th. If you are coming to Web Summit please reach out. I will be at the RISE lounge most of the time at meetings if not I’m MCing one of the many stages.
To book a meeting with me just click here.
Blockchain talks at this ranch in Hawaii
The conferencing doesn’t end there - planning has already begun for the 4th annual East Meets West conference in Hawaii and this one is going to be crazy amazing. I am actively looking for speakers in the verticals of:
  • Blockchain
  • Travel tech
  • Social Impact/Smart City
So please ping me if you are one or can recommend ones! The pre-requisite is that they have some connections to Asia and the West. 
The Next Move
Thanks to all of the people that reached out via my last update on doing something new in co-work - looks like it will be happening and the launch will be in early 2018. If interested, in being an early investor or being part of the team - the cryptic landing page has been launched here. If it resonates with you please reach out.
Creative Stimulation
I feel that watching the right TV and movies does fuel the creative juices and so I always try to recommend here:
Loved it and loved the take on humanity and our robotic future. Works on many levels for tech people.
The director of Se7en basically remade Silence of the Lambs for Netflix but made it way creepier. It’s one of those shows that you binge because you cant control yourself.
This is a movie that is basically a startup pivot - the first 2 Thor’s were so-so but this one rewrites the whole thing and makes a HIGHLY enjoyable time. 
The famous Temple Bar of Dublin
The famous Temple Bar of Dublin
That's it for now
Thanks for reading - you can always track me here or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.
Your friend,
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Casey Lau
Casey Lau @casey_lau

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