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Casey Lau - Issue #8

Hey sorry for the long delay between issues - no excuses here - so we're back on track because Warren

Casey Lau

May 23 · Issue #8 · View online
Connecting the dots inside this newsletter.

Hey sorry for the long delay between issues - no excuses here - so we’re back on track because Warren Ellis’ newsletter kicks me in the ass every Monday to remind me to try and do mine.

Collided with Collision in New Orleans
Probably all the traveling has delayed me from sending you this newsletter - I was at Collision in New Orleans recently with co-hosts Chris Schultz and Paddy Cosgrave. What an amazing event and city! 
RISE returns to Hong Kong
RISE is back and it’s going to be 3X bigger than last year - so get ready! Full schedule here. RISE Night Events here. I’m the co-host but I don’t have free tickets for you unless you are a student as I have established the RISE Scholarship Program which I am happy to have RISE support with 500 free tickets for local HK universities. 
Rest of the Scramble
Its an app that has the sounds of a coffee shop on loop with added nature, space and trains sounds - dumb? I have it playing over my speaker and it kind of energizes me - its weird. Do I like the buzzing of a coffee shop to keep me working? I guess I do. Its not as distracting as music with lyrics to me and doesn’t affect me like movie soundtracks do. I know weird but I’m using it.
A concept film about AR or our reality by the beginning of 2018?
My week begins Monday morning when GoT hits in Hong Kong. It’s been amazing so far and is definitely my favourite show of all time. Hordor and the White Walkers get their origin stories this week.
Picked this up on a recent trip to London, pretty good for those starting out looking at the marketplace and seeing where they should fit in.
Went up to Tokyo to see their startup conference and host one of the stages. The interior design was amazing:
Some pretty cool stuff happening at HAX in Shenzhen - the border to China and the world getting thinner everyday.
At the OnePlus Offices 
Met up with Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus - probably the only Android phone I’d use and you know what that means to this hardcore Apple fan. So amazing how much they’ve grown in only 2 years. Michael Michelini is the other dude and he is awesome with a podcast called Global from Asia
The best superhero movie of all time? Definitely of the year. The Russo Brothers are batting 1 million and not just because of their Community easter eggs.  Ant-Man slightly stole it from Spidey IMO so I bought the Hot Toys figure I ordered LAST YEAR
Saw this book in Tokyo and great to see my fellow Jedi Knights getting educated! 
I’m on Snapchat which I am loving, but follow me for most updates on my beloved social media Twitter @casey_lau.
Will try and have the next one of these out faster.
- Casey

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