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A lot of cool things made for you...

A lot of cool things made for you...
By Carlos Z. Bent • Issue #1 • View online
Welcome to your new place to discover cool stuff, and big thanks to you all for taking a minute to be a pioneer of what I expect to become a very good medium for us all to communicate and grow together.
I believe that giving someone your email address for them to send you content on a regular basis is both an enormous show of trust, and a risk, so, again, welcome and thanks.
Most issues of this newsletter will be divided in two sections: one about my current projects and ideas, and any piece of writing I might have shared recently, and another about not necessarily related stuff that I’m eager to share with you all.
We’ll only break that format for special occasions.
So, let’s get going.

My stuff
All aboard the hype train 🤩
I’m currently working on the early stages of what I consider a quite good idea, or at least one that I’m going to enjoy. Let me explain.
I really like reading, both fiction and nonfiction (hence my writing inclination). Given that, since I entered this world of programming and entrepreneurship, I started to read a lot of literature about that. Pieter Levels, Seth Goden, etc.
Those books are my main theme now, but I find them scattered throughout the web, on Reddit, Medium, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They are not hidden by any means, but I can’t help but think of the many good reading opportunities I’m missing by not knowing about them.
So, I thought about creating a hub for all those books.
But, it’s not a marketplace, and it’s not a search engine or a site to add the book’s epub file for others to download.
It’s much simpler and much more powerful. A community led book reviews platform.
Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a book lover? Then you’ll love this experience.
The project is still in the early stages, but development should begin soon.
writing out my new idea
writing out my new idea
Stay tuned and give me any feedback by replying to this email or going to my Telegram channel or my Twitter profile.
If you want to know more about it, you only need to stay alert, there will be more substantial news in the next issue of The Productive Grind.
A simple, but needed, portfolio redesign 🎨
Won’t bore you with excessive details, but I revamped my personal web, and I actually really like the outcome.
Its got a Notion + Gumroad vibe (totally intentional btw) that looks neat. It isn’t finished, its still something like an MVP, but you can check it out at Let me know your thoughts.
new look on my portfolio
new look on my portfolio
Unrelated stuff you'll love
Land-book's main page
Land-book's main page
Whenever we are launching something, a landing page is a requirement. Believe me, I’ve failed to create one on a couple of products, and they seemed lackluster for precisely that reason.
But is not easy to come up with a compelling design that also fits into the brand you intend to create. So you’ll need inspiration, and that you can get from Landbook.
Land-book - website design inspiration gallery
Clover's feature overview page
Clover's feature overview page
I love productivity apps, and specially appreciate the likes of Notion: apps that are a whole silo for your work and knowledge. This is by no means on Notion’s level, but what in the world is? Nothing that I know of.
It is different and it has one distinctive advantage: On Clover, every one of your pages is an infinite canvas, so you can let your brain loose creating cool stuff and you won’t run out of space, ever!
Clover – Notes, tasks, whiteboard, and a daily planner in one delightful app.
That’s all for today, if you enjoyed this issue, consider forwarding it to anyone that might like it, also consider giving me feedback through the buttons below or just replying this email.
Until we meet again!
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