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Curated By Carla - Issue #36 - Free Azure and Microsoft Security Vouchers Inside!

Curated By Carla
Curated By Carla
Hey there! I am back this Friday for whole another Curated by Carla issue! This issue covers AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM Cloud so let’s get to it!

Another Friday means another This Week In AWS Community. In this post, I’m covering all of the other AWS-related things that I am doing while awaiting the AWS Community Builder decision.
This Week In AWS Community : The Waiting Game | by carlarjenkins | May, 2022 | Medium
Speaking of AWS, by popular demand with over 500 Twitter video views, I have created a brand-new AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA blog series chronicling my program experience. I use these blog series to better educate you about these programs. Click the link below to read on Medium.
AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : This Is NOT A Game!
This past weekend I passed day 675 of 100 days of cloud. Here are the top things that I’ve accomplished and what I’m looking forward to during the next 25-day cycle en route to day 700.
If you have IT experience, say Windows server administrator, but no cloud computing experience, watch this brilliant Google Cloud video showcasing 3 ways to shift from on-premises to cloud.
Many people are confused about the difference between certificates vs. certifications. There is a BIG difference that will affect your career progress and earning income! This tweet perfectly illustrates the difference between the two.
Teneika Askew | Analytics & Automation
There is a difference in Certificate programs versus industry Certifications.

Industry certifications usually leverage previous experience, studying and hopefully passing an exam.

Certificate programs are courses that you take & receive a certificate of completion at the end.
Busy next week?! Microsoft Security Cloud Week For Partners is all next week. Presented in 3 different time zones so pick the 1 that is good for you. When you finish all 5 days’ worth of virtual training, you would receive a free exam voucher. You will need a business/corporate email to register.
[Breaking News] Microsoft Is Hosting Security Cloud Week For Partners May 16th - 20th
We are here for more free exam vouchers! Microsoft Build is hosting its May 2022 Cloud Skills Challenge starting May 24, 2022. You can click the video link below to get the registration link. The official rules link shows all of the eligible voucher exams.
[Breaking News] MS Build Cloud Skills Challenge Starts May 24, 2022
Salesforce is offering a FREE 3-week Live Salesforce Fundamentals training program starting May 19, 2022. Salesforce is the top customer relationships management (CRM) software company so receiving free training is big! Click the link below to register.
Teneika Askew | Analytics & Automation
Here's a GLOBAL 3-week LIVE Salesforce Fundamentals training. Recording are available - register ASAP.
IBM has signed a collarborative agreement with AWS to sell its SaaS (software as a service) products on the AWS Marketplace. I feel that IBM is conceding that its IBM Cloud offering will never be top 3 like AWS, GCP and Azure so it’s more focused on being a hyrbid cloud and playing well with others like Oracle Cloud that integrates with Azure.
IBM Signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services to Deliver IBM Software as-a-Service on AWS
Hot off of the press TODAY! I have come across this from Teneika Askew’s Twitter. This person has listed this 7-part Twitter thread in how he has passed his PL-300 Power BI Data Analyst using these resources. Since MS Build offers the free PL-300 Cloud Skills Challenge learning path for a free exam voucher, you should check this thread out! Good luck!
Thread by @IamClivence on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App
That’s all for this week in Curated by Carla! As always, if you have read this issue but haven’t subscribed please do here!
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Curated By Carla
Curated By Carla

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