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CEO of Phenomena. #AWSCommunity Builder. #PMP #ProjectManager. #PersonalBrand. #BusinessBlogger #CloudComputing #100DaysofCloud

CEO of Phenomena. #AWSCommunity Builder. #PMP #ProjectManager. #PersonalBrand. #BusinessBlogger #CloudComputing #100DaysofCloud

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Curated By Carla



Curated By Carla - Issue #64 - Happy December!

It's BACK! An all-new Friday means an all-new This Week In AWS Community!


Curated By Carla - Issue #63 Pluralsight Free Weekend And What To Make Of AWS Layoffs

A lot has happened since last week's GCP Jumpstart mentoring meeting. I have had my informational interview with a GCP cloud engineer plus I have writtern the complete Google Cloud Jumpstart journey from applying to mentoring program. Check both articles out …


Curated By Carla - Issue #62 - November AWS, GCP And ISC2 Updates

Want to know all about the Certified in Cybersecurity exam? Click to read my full experience along with the recommended resources to pass!


Curated By Carla - Issue #61 - November Notes

Another Friday means, another This Week In AWS Community blog post! I'm answering all of your questions about taking the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam, the current AWS hiring news and what's next in AWS for me!


Curated By Carla - Issue #60 - I Passed My GCP Cloud Digital Leader Exam!

This past Tuesday I crossed the Day 850 of 100 Days of Cloud milestone. These past 25 days have been all about getting free exam vouchers to end 4th quarter 2022 right and start off 1st quarter 2023 ahead of everyone else.


Curated By Carla - Issue #59 - GCP, AWS and Microsoft Cloud News And Career Development

AWS Certified Specialty Challenge is still ongoing from now through December 16, 2022. Register to receive ONE 50% off discounted AWS specialty certification exam vouchers.


Curated By Carla - Issue #58 - The MS Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge Is Open!

Great news: Starting October 1, 2022, all Cloud Digital Leader and Associate Cloud Engineer expire in 3 years. All GCP professional certifications still expire in 2 years.


Curated By Carla - Issue #57 - I Passed My Certified In Cybersecurity Exam!

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Curated By Carla - Issue #56 - Microsoft, AWS And More!

If you are a woman who is interested in AWS and cloud computing, then register for this FREE training program! The program starts October 18, 2022 9am Eastern Daylight Time.


Curated By Carla - Issue #55 -CISSP Adds SC-100 To Approved Credential List

Career development should be top of mind for every single development program. AWS Community Builder is no different. In this issue of This Week in AWS Community, I talk about the importance of beta testing opportunities towards your career advancement.


Curated By Carla - Issue #54

Google acquired Mandiant to beef up its GCP's cloud security.


Curated By Carla - Issue #53 - All About ISC2 Cybersecurity

ISC2 has launced its One Million Certified in Cybersecurity diversity initiative to bring more people into the cybersecurity profession. Its goal is to get 1 million professionals certified in its newest junior-level certification Certified in Cybersecurity. …


Curated By Carla - Issue #52 - 1-Year Anniversary of Curated by Carla!

That's all for this anniversary issue of Curated by Carla! Remember, please share this out to anyone and everyone who will benefit! Once again, thank you for subscribing to Curated by Carla!


Curated By Carla - Issue #51 - This Is Why I Do This!

I've received 'fan mail' from a new AWS Community Builder saying that I've helped him get accepted into the program. Read the Medium article below for more deets!


Curated By Carla - Issue #50 - The Big FIVE-O!

TCM Security is now offering its Linux 101 course (on Teachable) for $1 with the discount code DOLLARANDADREAM. This sale will end on August 22nd @12pm. Click the link below.


Curated By Carla - Issue #49 - Upcoming AWS Exam Changes And FREE Certifications

An all-new Friday means an all-new This Week In AWS Community!


Curated By Carla - Issue #48 - AWS, GCP and Project Management News!

This week's blog post is a special one because I've finished the Udacity AWS machine learning nanodegree program.


Curated By Carla - Issue #47 - Major AWS Developments: Exams, Travel Grants, FREE Training

This week AWS has released its new SAA-C03 exam which will replace the current SAA-C02 exam starting August 30, 2022.


Curated By Carla - Issue #46 - DataCamp And Coursera Offering FREE Courses

FYI- The Free Access Week ends Sunday, July 24, 2022. Click the link below to get the link and get learning!


Curated By Carla - DataCamp Is Hosting FREE Access Week July 18th-24th!

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