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Care Innovation - Issue #2

Care Innovation - Issue #2
By the team at Yokeru • Issue #2 • View online
Morning all,
As kids, seesaws teach us that balance is essential to success.
When we grow-up, there’s a balance to be found between work and life, family and friends, meditation and the desk job. In startup-land there’s a balance had between selling and building. 
In our (Care Innovation) context, there’s a balance between innovation and adoption. 
2020 saw a lot of innovation and a new recognition of the need to adopt. 2021 is the year of adoption of new technology across the care sector. The recently released TSA Business Plan points out that:
“The appetite for adopting innovative TEC solutions has never been greater, but it can be greater still.”
The wonderful thing is that many of the highest leverage technologies exist today: implementation is the hurdle to hurdled. 
In Roy Lilley’s excellent post, he notes that much of the technology the NHS (and by extension care providers) would benefit from exists, and has done for years.
Unfortunately, it’s neither easy to operate or simple to integrate. It’s can be as user un-friendly as LinkedIn, or as hard to navigate as the Companies House website. It’s often as temperamental as Zoom. 
Promisingly, last week NHSX blogged proudly about its straightforward use of technology: ‘NHS uses basic technology to automate boring tasks: survey results’. It’s a super read for anyone interested in the Robotic Process Automation (or RPA).
For innovators out there, it said:
Innovators and RPA suppliers highlighted that one of the biggest challenges they experience working with the NHS and social care is the complex organisational structure, and the lack of knowledge of NHS and social care teams in understanding their technological limitations and infrastructure, and the processes to be robotised. They highlighted that those who work in the system must fully understand the process they want to improve before considering and implementing RPA as a solution. It was highlighted that RPA is not a single solution; rather, an enabler of digital transformation and should be considered as a gateway for other technology advancements, such as machine learning.
We should bear this paragraph in mind this year.
Until tomorrow,


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