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MMA Scribbles Newsletter - Issue #11 -Don't Believe The Hype

MMA Scribbles Newsletter
“The time for honoring yourself will soon come to an end.” Maximus [Russell Crowe] Gladiator 2000

We’re in a weird time in the sport of MMA.
Hell, in the world in general coming out of pandemic (hopefully). Maybe everyone is out of sorts but Conor McGregor seems to be more out of sorts than when he was working his way to becoming a two-division champion in the UFC.
I didn’t find it so odd when Ronda Rousey commended him
Ronda Rousey
I’m amazed that as soon as you hit the ground you were already promoting the next fight @TheNotoriousMMA - I def wouldn’t have had the mind to do that. The other fighters, @ufc and media are lucky to have you.
She’s one of the other figures in MMA that helped elevate the UFC and the sport as a whole, but she is also another fighter that fell in love with her own hype.
There’s a saying in martial arts, “losses are lessons”. The true martial artist looks at what went wrong in any match and seeks the knowledge to make the correction on it. Poirier did that since his first bout against McGregor and if he loses again in the future, he’ll probably do it again.
McGregor’s impact on MMA is already cemented in history. We’ve honored him up until he started threatening someone’s life. Let’s hope McGregor takes the time to heal his ankle, and deal with his demons to come back to what fans look for in any sport. An escape from the day-to-day negativity that already exists.
With that being written, check out a positive story from the podcast we did this week:
Coast-2-Coast Combat Hour: Tyler Durden
Coast-2-Coast Combat Hour: Tyler Durden
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