Ghostwriting Chronicles

By Cara

The Ghostwriting Chronicles – the lowdown on the secret life of a ghostwriter and her clients.

The Ghostwriting Chronicles –
the lowdown on the secret life of a ghostwriter and her clients.

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Ghostwriting Chronicles - Words not coffee.

The ghostwriter is like a barista, serving words instead of coffee. And if you order a whole meal of a book, you get the words, sentences, and scenes all beautifully arranged, ready to devour.


Anecdotes do not a story make

The other week I went to Berlin to visit a ghostwriting client. I had not been to Berlin since I was a teenager and quite honestly I didn’t have a great impression of the city back then. (But that had probably more to do with being a teenager.) This time, I l…


The book actor.

Who speaks in the voice of a thirty-something entrepreneur, an 80-year old businessman, and a small-town pensioner who married a king? (Answer: image below. 🧐) Being a ghostwriter can get a bit confusing sometimes. After all, you're taking on so many differen…


Being a ghost is being free

 As I write this, spring has finally sprung. I’m attaching a sky filled with magnolias at the end of this newsletter for your viewing pleasure.  Spring is a time of year when I feel more free than in other seasons. Maybe it has something to do with shedding l…


My ghostly abode

As befits a ghost, I live on a top floor, under the roof. Actually, until recently, I lived in a very old house. Even better, for my ghostly needs. It had a fabulous attic, creaky stairs, and windy shutters. At least now my current, top floor flat often has s…


Always wanted a resident ghost?

 Welcome to my ghostwriting chronicles. A newsletter about the secret life of a ghostwriter, a glimpse behind the scenes, a deep dive into the murky depths of a job that hides in plain sight. First things first. I AM a ghostwriter. No, I can’t tell you who I’…