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The book actor.

The book actor.
By Cara • Issue #4 • View online
Who speaks in the voice of a thirty-something entrepreneur, an 80-year old businessman, and a small-town pensioner who married a king? (Answer: image below. 🧐)
Being a ghostwriter can get a bit confusing sometimes. After all, you’re taking on so many different voices (albeit not all at once). For me, it helps to think of ghostwriting as (book) acting. You dive into your author’s persona, take on their character while you’re writing, make sure you know what their voice sounds like, the kind of things they would say, how they say would them. The mannerisms they have (or wish they had!), their personality traits.
The better job you do, the more invisible you become, the better the book. In the same way that you can judge an excellent actor by forgetting that they are not the character they’re playing, you should not be able to tell that a book has been ghostwritten.
And no, I don’t go all method book acting – what on earth for? I know who my clients are and I know who I am, and we’re not the same person. I just happen to be good at impersonating them. No need for me to run around AS THEM. Also, I don’t think they would be pleased.
Although, you know what DOES happen? I tend to take on some traits from the people whose book I’m writing. Like, the successful entrepreneur? I got some of her confidence. I don’t know, it just oozed out of the page and into my brain. Pretty useful, actually.
This makes me wonder if all seasoned ghostwriters are quite confident. Because that is definitely one trait that most people who have their books ghostwritten have in common. Confidence. After all, they have (or think they have) a great story to tell.
Now, don’t ask me what would happen if I took on the book of someone really nasty. 😬 Well, I guess you would find out in this newsletter… But if I DO suddenly have the urge to start collecting motorcycles, blame my current client. Or, indeed, if I run off to a faraway country and marry a king.
Until next time.
Your friendly resident ghost,
P.S. I don’t hide in the shadows, check me out on insta @caravioola and twitter @caraviolabland. 

Is me.😊
Is me.😊
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