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Being a ghost is being free

Being a ghost is being free
By Cara • Issue #3 • View online
As I write this, spring has finally sprung. I’m attaching a sky filled with magnolias at the end of this newsletter for your viewing pleasure.
Spring is a time of year when I feel more free than in other seasons. Maybe it has something to do with shedding layers of clothing or not having to duck from one inside space to the next because it’s freezing.
There is also something really freeing about being a ghostwriter.
I hide in plain sight.
You know how FREEING it is to write somebody else’s ideas, life, worries, success, concepts, concerns, highs, lows?
The one thing people ask me the most about being a ghostwriter is this:
Don’t I mind that someone else’s name is on the cover of a book I’ve written?
Omg, absolutely not. Because you know what? If I’ve done my job properly it doesn’t feel like my book – it’s their book, their story. It’s not even my voice, it’s theirs. In a creepy way, it’s like I’ve dived into their head, written the book, and dived out again. And it’s not like I’m not paid for my trouble.
A recent ghostwriting project I took on was for a leading expert in her field. As her ghostwriter, I tapped into that vast vat of knowledge. I pulled out the most awesome, applicable, and approachable knowledge nuggets, took her personal experiences, her trials and successes, her life story and everyday wisdoms and forged all those aspects into a whole to make her book.
It is a process that means I deep dive into my client’s work life and her personal life. It is a matter of combining facts and stories, creating a narrative arc that starts at one point and ends at another, taking the reader on a journey that inspires and teaches. And, as I’m writing it, the book I’m creating takes me on that journey too.
So you see, ghostwriting is not writing a book and putting someone else’s name on the cover. Nor is it writing a book for someone. It is diving into the author’s world and extracting the materials to craft their story. Once the ghostwriter has emerged from that world again, the book is detached from them and they are detached from the book. I’m free, baby!
Until next time.
Your friendly resident ghost,
P.S. I don’t hide in the shadows, check me out on insta @caravioola and twitter @caraviolabland. 

Magnolia sky.
Magnolia sky.
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