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Always wanted a resident ghost?

Always wanted a resident ghost?
By Cara • Issue #1 • View online
 Welcome to my ghostwriting chronicles. A newsletter about the secret life of a ghostwriter, a glimpse behind the scenes, a deep dive into the murky depths of a job that hides in plain sight.
First things first. I AM a ghostwriter. No, I can’t tell you who I’ve written for (actually, some I can – with permission). BUT I can tell you everything else: how it works, what it’s like, why it’s one of the most misunderstood jobs in publishing. What’s amazing about it. What’s rubbish.
Second things second: WHO am I? I’m in the early stages of my ghostwriting career. I’ve written little things, and quite a big thing. (More on that later.) I ghostwrite nonfiction, how-to books, life story books, memoirs, what-the-fuck-is-that-about books, etc. 
I write fiction under my own name. (Actually, one of my own names – I have a few. More on that later, too.) My debut novel, The Exhibition, (historical fiction) came out last year. Coincidentally or not, it has a spooky vibe. 
I’m also an editor and translator. In short, I do things with books, baby. 
Thirdly, who is this newsletter for? For YOU, obvs. All of you who want to know more about ghostwriting, being one, getting one, about the people who have books ghostwritten, with a dose of the author life, the editor life thrown in. 
Know what’s amazing about being a ghostwriter? I know stuff about people. Ok, so I can’t talk specifics, but I can give you unspecifics about SUPER interesting people. The kind of people who want a book ghostwritten about them, their life, their talent.
I may be a ghost, but I’m yours (if you’ll have me.)
Until next time.
Your friendly resident ghost,
P.S. I don’t hide in the shadows, check me out on insta @caravioola and twitter @caraviolabland. 

Me in front of a (probably haunted) castle.
Me in front of a (probably haunted) castle.
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By Cara

The Ghostwriting Chronicles –
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