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What's your purpose?

What's your purpose?
By Camille Blanchod • Issue #6 • View online
Hello and welcome back!
I hope you had an amazing week :)

Let's talk purpose & goals
This week has been great for me, rest-wise.
It hasn’t been the most fun, or most inspiring, or most interesting week of my life. Definitely not the most productive, but that was never the point.
Besides trying to stay offline, I have also tried several times to ask myself the following questions:
“What’s my purpose ?”
“What are my goals?”
I wish I had found answers during all this free time.
Instead I’m left with more uncertainty.
Deep down, I just know that I need to recenter myself, one way or another, and to spread myself less between projects & clients.
I have to say no more often, even if the proposition sounds intriguing or interesting.
I have to start saving some of my time just for myself again…to meditate, to allow my thoughts to roam free, to rest, to read.
Answers will follow.
Did you miss this?
This week, Khe and his team gave us an amazing summit, full of fantastic speakers : Rachel Rodgers, James Clear, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Steph Smith, Dan Runcie and Lawrence Yeo.
I personnally only attended the first two (with Rachel and James), but I’m looking forward to watch the replay of the other 4! The value we get from these sessions is incredible.
Did I mention that it’s free?!
Honestly, if you’re not following Khe already…what are you waiting for?
Oh, and next week they’re offering another 10k bootcamp. *wink wink*
Notion news!
Super launched their Builder - a combination of pre-made blocks.
Great addition to their offerings, even though it reminds me a lot of Sam Dickie “Portfolio component kit”, launched in Nov 2020.
Sam Dickie
Just published the #Notion Portfolio Component Kit 🎉

Really enjoyed making this new landing page on #webflow
Notion reaches 10 billion valuation (!)
I simply can’t wrap my head around numbers like these.
Very impressive…I’m excited to see how Notion is going to grow going forward.
Forbes Tech
Notion reaches $10 billion valuation, boosted by remote work — and TikTok by @alexrkonrad
We can now hide/show all properties of a view at once
Hallelujah for this one! So happy about this little change.
New 💝 for database power-users: show or hide all properties in a view — with just one click!
7 new (official) Notion templates
The team released an article along with 7 templates of dashboards/features they use at Notion: careers page, editorial calendar, people directory etc…Catch them all here:
7 tools we built on Notion instead of buying
That's all for now
Not the best edition, I concur, but hey… at least I didn’t skip it and for me, that’s already a win!
I hope you’ll have an amazing week :)
Take care,
PS: If you ever get the chance to try Makgeolli (Korean rice wine)… do it!
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