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What a week it's been in the Notionverse !

What a week it's been in the Notionverse !
By Camille Blanchod • Issue #2 • View online
Hey there, welcome back !
I’m still unsure of how I want to format this newsletter, so please bare with me. This time around, I’ll keep it focused on news & findings :)
Let’s dive in!

Notion acquired
And it made quite a noise in the community!
Notion made its first acquisition with the automation tool
The announcement was received very positively, as it definitely opens up more possibilities regarding native integrations & internal automations….at least that’s what Notion users are hoping it will bring in the future.
By bringing Automate into the Notion fold, we’re excited to support everyone, from tinkerers to Fortune 500s, with the integrations you need to stay in flow, while enabling what makes Notion different — the unstoppable creativity of our global community.
Ivan Zhao
You can read more about it here from Notion’s perspective & here from Automate’s perspective.
New features !
On top of this, Notion also released 8 updates on the same day of the previous announcement.
They are the following ones:
1. Dynamic @today and @now mentions in database templates.
2. New emojis & page icons.
3. Copy database properties to your clipboard in 1 click.
4. Better URL properties in databases - they open on click of the URL instead of button.
5. Recently visited pages sync across devices.
6. Better quote blocks - add rich text and media into quote blocks.
7. Native image download on iOS.
8. @mention blocks dragged into a database with a Person property automatically fill.
All in all… a highlight of the week!
What caught my eye this week
Interesting comparison of the most popular & well known methods/systems (GTD, PARA, PPV, and Marie Poulin’s approach).
Instead of being productive, I've been looking at the architectures of some of the more common productivity methods. Colour coding shows apparent commonalities despite semantic differences. What do you think?
Thomas Frank launched the beta version of his Creator’s Companion template + community
Manage Your Entire Content Creation Process in Notion.
A (free) Notion-style avatar generator
A solution to turn your Notion pages into a full-on Help Center/Knowledge Base
HelpKit – Build your Knowledge Base with the ease of Notion
As someone who worked in Customer Service for years, this filled me with joy when I found it. You can see it in action here :
That's all folks!
I hope you enjoyed this second edition of Caravanserai.
Special thank you to my early subscribers! I really appreciate it.
Also, FYI : I’ll eventually move over to Convertkit, but for now I’m still using Revue. I just want to let you guys know in advance.
Have a great sunday & a great week ahead :)
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