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The simple life

The simple life
By Camille Blanchod • Issue #8 • View online
Hello all, it’s been a while again.
As you can see, I’m still free-styling this whole newsletter thing for now. Hope you don’t mind!
It’s still giving me a good reason to write regularly, even though it’s not as consistent as I first thought it would be. My fault though haha.
Enough chit-chat, let’s start!

What caught my attention lately
You can now host events on Circle! It’s now out of beta.
There’s also a new integration between Gumroad & Circle, so that a buyer can automatically be invited to a specific community + space.
Two good news for community builders.
You can now automate inviting new customers to your Circle community!

Read about it here:
Notion introduced Link previews:
Introducing: LINK PREVIEWS 🔗→🖼️

Create automatically up-to-date previews by pasting links to:

• GitHub PRs
• Jira issues
• Slack messages
• Trello cards
• Asana tasks

And we'll add support for more tools soon. This is just the beginning!
Lastly, I discovered TL;DV, which allows you to record meetings on Google Meet and automatically take notes in Notion that are timestamped!
I tried it a couple of times and it worked quite well, so if you’re usually hosting meetings on Google Meet, give it a try!
Did you know tl;dv integrated with @Notion!?

If you 🔴🎥 record Google Meets + take meeting notes on Notion, then you'll 💜 our latest update.

Hint: tl;dv can now automatically sync your Notion meeting notes with the meeting recording 👀
Web summit
I completely forgot to give you my feedback on the Web Summit!
I went on Wednesday only, which looking back is too bad because there was definitely lots to see and do.
At first it felt intimidating, but I loved it - it was like Disneyland for adults in tech.
I attended 7 talks, but to be honest they all felt a bit too short to really dive deep into each topic.
I enjoyed the talks “How to win fans and influence people” with Sarati Callahan, Caspar Lee and Nas Daily, as well as “A codeless future? The rise of low code/no code” by Hanna Hennig.
The day ended with Craig Federighi‘s talk about Privacy and security, and while it was somewhat interesting, it mostly felt like an ad for iPhones. A little too biased for my taste.
I’d love to go back next year, this time with a proper schedule in place so I can make the most out of it.
Bad habits
Lately, I keep realizing that I have bad habits.
It’s not like it’s a big surprise, I’m already aware of that.
However, these days I keep noticing how they truly affect me.
As I talked to a client (and friend) about this, he brought up his take on the matter and said that he was asking himself “What is my ideal self ?” to help him stay on track.
I have a vague idea of what my ideal self is, but it’s not set in stone.
So while I figure this out, I’ve decided to journal daily from now on (via a Notion database that tracks sleep, water/coffee/tea/alcohol intake, diet, skin care, exercise, stretching, supplements + morning mood, gratitude and goal of the day).
I tried to keep it as minimalist as I could so I knew I’d actually commit to it.
We’ll see if that helps me make better choices over the next weeks!
It's the little things in life
Finally, I just wanted to say that lately I’ve been feeling very happy. Not the “joyful” kind of happy, but the “content” kind.
For the first time in a long time, I don’t feel much stress or anxiety, and I really find joy in the little things…
Like cuddling or walking the dog.
Drinking the first coffee of the day.
Or watching Desperate Housewives.
And spending more time with friends, calling my family and chatting with people online.
It’s cliche, but it’s true : we don’t need much to be happy.
Sometimes we lose track of that.
We’re incentivized to work more to get and do more.
And to some extent, it does help with having a better quality of life.
If you are safe, comfortable, loved and relatively healthy, then you probably don’t need much more to be happy.
Just my two cents.
Of course, I can’t speak for everyone as we all have different life experiences.
Anyway, I hope it resonates :)
Thank you for reading, as always.
Wishing you a great week ahead,
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