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By Camille Blanchod • Issue #5 • View online
First of all, I hope you’re all doing well.
This week edition will be more personal than anything, I hope you don’t mind!

What a strange week
It started with some sad news - someone I know passed away last Sunday.
On Monday I was working but my heart simply wasn’t into it. I was already feeling extremely tired, so the news just made it worse.
On Tuesday, I assisted the wake of that person. I tried my best to offer my support and love to their family. Went back to work stressed and exhausted from all the mix of emotions. It’s not my first time being confronted to death, but every time feels so different - grief can be composed of such a wide array of emotions…
On Thursday, it was my birthday. I turned 27 (which I find unbelievable). I wasn’t feeling festive and I was also working that day, so we just celebrated it around a simple diner at home. However I got plenty of lovely birthday wishes & messages, and it filled me up with joy!
One event in specific was extremely sweet : as I joigned the videocall that was planned to celebrate the end of Notion Secrets‘ first edition (an online course I’ve been working on with Shubham), everybody started singing happy birthday to me! It was such a simple gesture, but it meant a lot.
On Friday any task, even the most simple one, was seeming incredibly hard. I couldn’t focus, and even fell asleep at some point while working. Pushed through and made it to the weekend - hallelujah!
This weekend I actually got to meet & spend time with Martin and his girlfriend Sha, after seeing that they had arrived in Lisbon via a Tweet. Reached out via DM and made some new friends (and it turns out that we have a lot in common).
🧞‍♂️Martin Donadieu
@Twitter is magic !
I got my first job by posting on it.
I got my first friend in Lison @CBlanchod by posting on it 😻
I really love this social network, I discovered so much things on it !
Hence why this week edition is called Serendipity
What's next
I’m actually on holidays next week!
(for the first time this year haha)
But since a week goes by fast, I’m not going anywhere (except maybe Porto to visit Raffaele ?)
I plan to rest, to take care of things that I don’t have the time or energy to take care of when I work and to focus on vision & goals setting.
It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday tasks & monthly projects, that you don’t question if you’re going towards the right direction. Or even know what the right direction is for you.
Thankfully, my Twitter fam came to the rescue & I found some help through Khe’s blog posts and mentorship of Gustavo.
So my plan is to work on these topics, to figure out if I’m headed where I’m supposed to be headed, while also letting my body get the rest it deserves.
Until next time
October is going to be quite a busy month, I better get some rest already! ;)
Stay safe & take care!
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