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Hey you cool cats and kittens!

Hey you cool cats and kittens!
By Camille Blanchod • Issue #3 • View online
How are you ? I hope you liked that early 2020 reference. 🐯
I’ve been enjoying the process of taking some time each week to write a little, which I had not done in a while.
It actually makes me want to write more. Anyway, let’s dive in.

What's new this week 🗞️
Not to be “that person” again, but the week has passed very fast once again - thankfully, I’ve been able to catch some interesting things for you!
  • Notion also released a mini-update : you can now redirect visitors that stumbled on a private page link to a public Notion page of your chosing. Go over “Settings & members” - “Settings” to chose yours!
  • We’re organizing a meetup in Paris for the French community & I’m SUPER excited! 🎉 We also got over 1300 members in our Discord server now :)
  • Dominik gave me a preview of his Notion Simple Tables before the launch, and I knew it was going to be a hit - here is the aftermath of the launch.
  • RedGregory is working on creating a mini video game… in Notion ! 🥕 Intrigued ?
  • Eloise released a set of 36 icons done in the style of Notion (or rather, of Roman Mudarov) that you can use for personal or business purposes. → Check it out here
  • Philipp has released a creative & impressive SEO template called SEO COMPASS. Very useful for writers/bloggers. → Check it out
  • Frances wrote a blog post about how avatars had an impact on the growth of the Notion community. You can read it here
  • Nooks lets you create an eBook from a Notion page.
  • Khe Hy’s 10k summit is starting on Oct 6, and it includes an incredible lineup - make sure to register !
  • Thomas Frank wrote an interesting thread on the experience of selling his Creator’s Companion template. Read it
Apparently, I’m not the only one who got light trauma from Silent Hill’s iconic siren & fog. What about you ?
Camille Blanchod
Every single time I hear the fire department alarm, my mind automatically thinks "Silent Hill". And I freeze until I realize that, no, I'm not in this universe and everything is fine.
We talked about lucid dreaming with @NotionDad , @ToolsOnTech and @DannyHatcher. Would love to hear about your experience if any!
Notion Dad
@CBlanchod Have you ever tried lucid dreaming? It’s really interesting being able to talk to your subconscious as if it was a separate person.
Tools on Tech
@notiondad @CBlanchod I mostly had it when I was more sleep-deprived in combination with priming myself. So falling asleep before my brain checks out and then being able to spot things that aren't right.

Taking control when you realize you are sleeping is amazing.
Danny Hatcher 🔎
@ToolsonTech @CBlanchod @notiondad Lots to say about dreaming and lucid dreaming so highlights:
Helps protect rem sleep
Used for memory prediction
Imagrey helps rehurse lessons
Act like forecast prediction as a protective measure.

Loads more in the research 😅
Notion Dad is actually working on a Dreams Journal template, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in this topic !
Notion Dad
Quick Notion template sketch. Could easily mock this up in Notion itself but sometimes it’s nice to draw.
Building a Notion template or product ? 🔍
Please let me know!
I’d love to check & try it out, and potentially share it in the newsletter.
On my side of the globe 🌍
September is BUSY.
Plus, at the end of the month I’ll be turning 27. I’m actually quite happy about it - I feel so much better now at 27 than I did at 25.
I might write about it by then in a special newsletter edition, or on my (almost empty) blog. We’ll see.
In the meanwhile, take care & I’ll see you around.
Loreena McKennitt   Caravanserai
Loreena McKennitt Caravanserai
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