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Guess who's back...

Guess who's back...
By Camille Blanchod • Issue #7 • View online
Hi! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
How are you doing?
September and October have been quite busy months, and I’ve had to reassess my priorities. Sadly, the newsletter wasn’t one of them, hence why I haven’t published anything since Oct 10.
I have good excuses though… :)

First of all, the Notion meetup in Paris was amazing
Seriously, I’m still smiling when thinking about it!
We had a lot of fun and it was very interesting to hear about the different use-cases, techniques and stories of the French-speaking Notion users.
I loved the fact that I finally got to meet people that I have worked with, recorded podcasts or live sessions with, chatted with for months…
It went by really fast, despite us all staying at the event longer than what was originally planned. I’m looking forward to meet again in the future.
Some of our guests :)
Some of our guests :)
Talking about future meetups...
Well, we’re bound to have more Notion meetups for sure! We’re already working on the next one(s), in different cities this time.
Imagine a “Notion Tour de France”. 🚵🏻
How cool would that be?
But without all the biking because let’s be realistic, I’m nowhere near ready to travel across the country by bike 😂
Fun fact: that was actually a dream/plan of mine in 2016! I bought a bike and started planning a trip across Europe, but very soon realised that it would require a lot of physical preparation + logistics. Plus, not the safest thing to do as a single woman… so my plans changed, and eventually I ended up in Portugal, where I’ve been living for almost 4 years now.
*The more you know*
And if you’re interested in biking across Europe, check out EuroVelo
Career changes
Where do I begin…
Long story short, I got hired as Notion “France Community Lead”. 🥰
As you can imagine, I’m obviously extremely excited to start this new role! 🎉
But this meant saying goodbye to some recurring clients, and doing my best to finish up some projects that I had taken on in September.
It wasn’t so easy honestly, as I tend to have a hard time saying no to opportunities or work… but I can now start over, keeping only one other client on the side, for whom I’m in charge of their Youtube editorial calendar (planning, tracking, some research/script outlining, publishing etc).
This role marks a very exciting new step in my life, and hopefully in Notion’s French community as well! :)
In many ways, it feels like the logical next step for me, after lots of efforts going in to help foster Notion-centric communities in French.
I’m looking forward to see more growth, engagement and more conversations with French (and French-speaking) Notion users.
François & I during the Notion meetup
François & I during the Notion meetup
Random news
  • Khe’s launched his 8 cohort of SYP, and I’m looking forward to meet new people & learn new methods/concepts through his course :)
  • Next week is all about the Web Summit, and I have yet to decide what day I’ll be able to go there. Let me know if you’re also going!
  • I’m also going to a DeNites event on Thursday, and since Web3 is still very new to me, I’m interested in learning & understanding more. If you’re in Lisbon, join the fun!
  • I’ve been told that I speak French (my native langage) with a Portuguese accent last weekend, and it’s been haunting me 😂 The fun that comes with speaking multiple languages… at some point you end up mixing them all & mastering none.
  • I’m thinking of going back to weightlifting…but the initial kick to start again is HARD. Way harder than to keep going once it’s part of your routine. If you are exercising, tell me about it! It will help motivate me :)
That’s all for now - I’m curious about what has been happening in your life as well! Don’t hesitate to let me know on Twitter or by replying to this email :)
Have a fantastic Halloween, and a great week ahead.
Talk to you soon.
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