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By Camellia Yang

I filter & curate FIVE topics from Chinese & English books, articles, shows and podcasts every month.

I filter & curate FIVE topics from Chinese & English books, articles, shows and podcasts every month.

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🥝 Chiwi Journal #16: The Network State, Derek Sivers, 1729writers Cohort, MidJourney & Write a Book

Greeting from Lisbon! 🇵🇹This month marks many celebrations:For the past year, I've consistently published my weekly Chinese newsletter on WeChat. I guess being focused and consistent pays off well: 64 published newsletters = 192,000+ words = ¥20,000+ = pricel…


🥝 Chiwi Journal #15: Web3 Creator, Rusty Lake, Severence, Blade Runner 40th Anniversary & 100 True Fans Experiment

Greeting from Madeira! 🇵🇹When I noticed I had several writing projects due by the end of this month, I purchased a flight ticket and went to this spontaneous self-made writer's retreat.There I am, looking out at the vast Atlantic Ocean in front of me, breathi…


🥝 Chiwi Journal #14: Nick Cave, Love & Nihilism, Beyond Order, Multi-verse, and Body & Mind

I’ve been living in Lisbon on and off for two months but still have a FOMO of sun. When the sun is out (almost every day), I subconsciously have the urge to go outside (PTSD from living in London for a while 😂). Spending most time outdoors made me realise I’m…


🥝 Chiwi Journal #13: Vipassana Meditation, Global Natives, Tech Founders Shows, Derek Sivers and Moving to Portugal

Greeting from Lisbon 🇵🇹!I moved back to Portugal this month after getting my residency visa sorted. Thanks to Pieter Levels who built up the that helped me with the immigration process (here is the road map of my application). Lisbon will be my temp…


🥝 Chiwi Journal #12: Self-Authoring, Ukraine Holodomor, Amusing Ourselves to Death and Fernando Pessoa

Greeting from England! I was house-sitting for a friend and living in England's countryside during the past month. Every day, I woke up to the chorus of birdsong and practised Yoga with squirrels as a company. Then I walked for about two hours alongside river…


🥝 Chiwi Journal #11: Surrender Experiment, Record Podcast with Parents, Female Friendship and Journey to Freedom

I'm writing this newsletter on a flight from Lisbon to London. Time to get back to the Premier League stadiums and enjoy the upcoming Manchester Derby! During the past six months, I toured around Portugal as a digital nomad and spent most of the time between …


🥝 Chiwi Journal #10: What's Money, Time and Being, Writer Responsibility & Third Person Narrative

When the church bell rang to welcome the New Year, my friends surprised me by showing up from nowhere with champagne in a glamour dress and took me on a boat in Aveiro. We ended up singing & dancing from midnight to dawn and to dusk. That's just a typical…


🐼🥝 2021 Year in Review and My Top 10 Books Recommendation

Chiwi Journal Issue #009