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I'm moving newsletter platforms.

Patrick Labbett
Patrick Labbett
Trying something new.
I’m consolidating my online presences and decided to use a Twitter tool called Revue to handle my newsletter going forward.
I’ve deleted my MailChimp account and re-sent GDPR opt-in to all subscribers through Revue - so if you make it back here - thank you for your support and welcome.
The goal of this change is to allow me to author content much faster than the 1-2 annual newsletter send-rate I’ve managed in the past.
I still hate terrible spam emails - so I maintain my promise to avoid becoming what I hate. The real super-hero origins story in this digital age?
I also quit Facebook.
You won’t find Call Theory or Patrick Labbett’s personal account on Facebook anymore. You can find both @CallTheory and @PatrickLabbett on Twitter - including this updated newsletter format.
In addition to the newly redesigned, you can officially find Call Theory (and Patrick) mostly on Twitter/Revue moving forward.
The paid braindump
The newsletter has gone from the generically titled Call Theory Newsletter to a more apt-description: the Call Theory Braindump. All the things I work through and find interesting enough to share - everything from technical to operational insights I gleam as I go.
I’ve also added a new optional paid newsletter add-on - called the 411 Braindump.
Yes, based off of Aretha Franklin’s 1962 song Jump To It.
You’ll find a lot of more…specific opinions…on software, products, vendors, myself, and products/services that I’m working on. Again, 100% optional - but if you feel like you have to or want to support me for any reason (thanks Mom <3 ) - I’d love to have you.
-Patrick via Braindump #1

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Patrick Labbett
Patrick Labbett @calltheory

Security, infrastructure , technology, telecom, tools, insights, customer service, and shared frustrations with the call center and answering service industries in mind.

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