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Call Theory Braindump - Issue #6

Patrick Labbett
Patrick Labbett
Quick status check - I’m sending these with much more velocity than I used to. If you don’t like it - or think the content needs work - there is a feedback link towards the bottom.
I’m going to use this feedback as the primary driver of future content.
But for now, here’s some marketing disguised as content! 🥲

WCTP Gateway website update
I’m working on a new website for my WCTP Gateway that I wanted to share some progress on.
WCTP Gateway is a standards-compatible WCTP gateway application that acts as a Carrier Gateway (in WCTP parlance.)
Side note: I need a cool marketing name for this - preferably space-themed - any ideas?
I replaced the carrier side of things with telecommunications APIs like Twilio, Commio/Thinq,, and a few more.
WCTP Gateway message flow in the Amtelco ecosystem
WCTP Gateway message flow in the Amtelco ecosystem
It’s open source and based on the awesome (and widely supported) Laravel Framework - so if you have the technical-acumen you can:
  • Download the software and install it in your own environment
  • Link your company’s telecom API accounts and pay direct pricing
  • Connect the gateway to your Enterprise Host
  • Start sending inbound and outbound SMS via the WCTP gateway
For the Amtelco ecosystem, the IS WCTP Terminals and WCTPWeb application act as the Enterprise Host
And this would all cost you nothing! Except you need someone semi-familiar with Laravel to get it up and running.
The idea is simple - write good documentation! But it’s really hard to do in practice.
I’m leveraging some templates and documentation structure insights from open-source applications to make it more inviting (and to bootstrap my efforts.)
The goal with this website update is to reduce the technical barrier needed in order for smaller answering services and call centers to get up and running on their own.
Here’s a quick sneak peek of what you can expect in the next couple of weeks.
  • Quick-start guide
  • Full installation setup instructions (video, too)
  • Overview of WCTP technology in general
  • Walkthrough of all the features of the gateway
  • A ton of technical stuff that most people won’t care about
Template/design is from the amazing Tailwind UI team (not my skills)
In progress updates for
In progress updates for
Side note: I got a quote back for an in-depth security review of the WCTP-gateway source-code and hosted instance. The price was astronomical, but since I’ve been using space-themed marketing, I figured I might as well do it, right? 👨‍🚀
That being said, it’s really expensive - I’m looking at roughly Q1 2023 to get the application fully audited, updated, and published for peer review. This way you won’t have to “take my word for it” when it comes to the security I’ve built in.
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Patrick Labbett
Patrick Labbett @calltheory

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