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Call Theory Braindump - Issue #11

Patrick Labbett
Patrick Labbett
This weekend, I’m headed to Chicago to attend BlueTeamCon - a conference focused on the defenders, guardians, and wardens of cyber-security.
Playing RPG/MMORPG’s growing up, I generally enjoyed the “healers” - i.e., classes that are focused on restoring the health of their allies and protecting them from taking further damage from dragons and other frightening beasts.
And that’s also why I think I enjoy learning blue team cyber-security practices the most.

Image credit @proxyblue via
Image credit @proxyblue via
My Chosen Path
Schedule, credits, and speaker info here:
These are the sessions that I will likely attend. Highlighted a few that I’m pretty excited about.
  • Keynote: “The Best Offense is Defense: How Blue Teamers are at the heart of the security movement” with Tazin Khan
  • “Satisfying compliance requirements with passwordless credentials” with Ehud Itshaki
  • “Hacking (and Defending!) APIs” with Robert Wagner
  • “Blue Team Social Impact: How to volunteer your cyberdefense skills without getting burned out” with Tom Costello
  • “How to Win Over Executives and Influence the Board” with Alyssa Miller
  • “Formulating An Intelligence-Driven Threat Hunting Methodology” with Joe Slowik
  • “Hey! Your database got pwned” with Sarit Yerushalmi
  • “Life beyond the SIEM - Take control of your SOC with Jupyter” with Pete Bryan & Ian Hellen
  • “Improving Alert Recall: miss fewer attacks through customizable ML anomalies” with Karishma Dixit & Ed Gardner
  • “From Exceptionally Awful to Pretty Good: A Guide for New Security Leaders” with K R Bard
  • “Becoming the Threat, The Making of A World Class Security Team” with Aaron Rosenmund
  • “Breaking Boundaries, Securing Perimeters: A pragmatic approach to Attack Surface Management” with Katie Inns
  • “Easy Defender Playbooks to Make Ransomware Criminals Cry” with Drew Hjelm
  • “The Defender’s Guide to Budgetless Endpoint Hardening” with Matt Coons
These are two sessions from the Wellness Village at the conference that I’m hoping to get to sit in on as well:
  • “You’re Not Broken…Just Different: Don’t Let Undiagnosed Neurodivergence Ruin Your Life” - Chris Culling
  • “Gaslighting and cognitive dissonance” - Priscilla Aubrey
Project Jupyter
While I was researching the session topics I ran across Project Jupyter. It’s like a programmable scratch-pad for power users and I’m really interested in seeing how I might be able to use it for call center practices.
I’ll update you if I find anything worthwhile.
Missing my friends
The last time I visited Chicago, it was for the NAEO Summer Series in 2018! I actually went to a developer conferenced called Laracon while I was there as well!
A bunch of us from NAEO went out to one of my favorite places - Three Dots and a Dash.
Oh, the memories. Miss you all!
2020 NAEO Summer Series - Patrick & Alana
2020 NAEO Summer Series - Patrick & Alana
After party with my NAEO friends at Dot-Dot-Dash!
After party with my NAEO friends at Dot-Dot-Dash!
Tech Support IVR follow up
Calls are officially going to the answering service through the IVR! Pretty excited for this phase - there’s some work left to be done, but for now it’s a pretty workable solution.
This may sound weird but just having a buffer/layer between customers and myself to ensure timely responses to emergencies while protecting my time otherwise has really taken some weight off.
Here’s to mental health and getting caught up!
Aviation Consumer Protection | US Department of Transportation
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Patrick Labbett
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