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💡 Arhythmia

You may have noticed I've lacked consistency here for a while. I'd been hoping to go twice a week, bu
💡 Arhythmia
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You may have noticed I’ve lacked consistency here for a while.
I’d been hoping to go twice a week, but it’s been tough to build the rhythm around that alongside other responsibilities. So for now we’ll return to a weekly routine to make things run more reliably on a Friday morning (ha, not this week) for the foreseeable future.
After shifting a few contract roles recently and making more room to advance my new efforts with the Byteside website, the whole idea of rhythms has been playing on my mind.
We have so many competing ideas in our lives that scheduling blocks and windows of time often feels like the best solution to ensuring we make time for what’s important and what’s critical. But such blocks also struggle to accommodate or flex to respond to the reality of the world. Things change. Weird things happen. And if you’ve tried to run a tight schedule then the wheels can come off very quickly.
But the rhythm itself is important. Finding ways to not let the wrong things take priority is essential to feeling like you’re on the right path. So how do we balance these competing needs to flex where needed while putting the guard rails around what deserves our time and attention?
When we’re looking at the wide view of a week or a month it feels sensible that we can make our attention go where we need it to. But in the heat of the moment, things fall apart so quickly. Calls, emails, life. Everything conspires against us.
Right now I’m going back to basics. I love using Todoist as my ‘one trusted source’ for tracking everything I have to get done. But at the end of my day I’m also writing down a paper list of the most important tasks for the next day.
Seeing those tasks in ink on paper – not too many, 3-5 usually – helps bring that focus back every time I feel it slipping.
It’s working OK so far. And while the larger rhythms of my weekly routine are still shifting as a variety of contract jobs need my attention, I’m finding that list helps to ensure that the ongoing development of Byteside rarely slips down the list.
We’ll soon have a team of seven writers working on the site. It’s exciting times. Thanks for following along.

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