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Busse's Weekly Retrospective - Issue #3: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! ☀️

Chris Busse
Chris Busse
This week was a busy one with two consecutive days of marketing workshops for Terazo. We did a rebrand about two years ago, but now that we’re growing to a national footprint it’s time to iterate and level up — some design tweaks, but mostly around messaging. It’s a different world than it was two years ago, and it’s definitely interesting brainstorming brand personality and messaging for an emergent-post-pandemic world.
Really though, this is just my long way of saying that I meant to get this out on Friday, but here we are on Sunday. Hope you enjoy a few things here, and let me know what feedback you have! - Busse []

A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast with RVAtech/talks, and it’s out now. It’s mostly non-technical and I thankfully I sound better than I though I did after giving the interview. They have a good studio engineer!
chris busse 🎃
Honored to be a guest on the most recent @rvatech podcast; talking vocational education, my first IT job at VDH - Office of EMS, VR, early www, the evolution of APIs to the point we have them today and how to look at them from a business-value perspective
‎rvatech/Talks: Chris Busse - Chief Digital Officer at Terazo on Apple Podcasts
The CIA Spy Who Reinvented the Travel Guide
The Highest Paid Person’s Opinion
Dare Obasanjo
No matter how embarrassing you think it is to say “I don’t know but I can follow up and get back to you” in a meeting, it looks a whole lot worse to fumble through an answer that shows everyone you have no idea what you’re talking about.
I need to go back through this and give it a deeper read, because there’s many ways to define “integration” and I’m not sure this guide applies to all approaches:
Third-party integration — Product Manager’s guide on how to choose a vendor
I joined the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts the other week; the couple that owned Best Products (headquartered in my native Richmond, VA) were major supporters of the Museum. I have seen articles like this before discussing the architecture of their stores, and this one happened to catch my eye this past week:
Site Specific: Postmodern ‘Best Products’ Showrooms Deconstruct Consumerism
Justin hit the front page of Hacker News and got something like 200k+ views on this post — and it’s a great read both for software engineers and people who work with software engineers:
20 Things I’ve Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer
The Mountain in the Machine: Optimization and the Landscapes of Machine Learning – Sam P. Kellogg
Stepping out of the firehose
The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021: The List So Far
I’m in the “most NFTs are scams” camp, but ones that offer real utility intrigue me…
Physical Asset NFTs
chris busse 🎃
If I were to join *only one* Discord to learn more about the NFT community, which one should I join?

NFT project leaders, please don't hype me your project unless you really think it has the best overall community. Which Discord did you learn from? #NFT #NFTCommunity
The Drone Unit that Helped the Taliban Win the War
Plants Feel Pain and Might Even See
I couldn’t get the post to embed correctly, so here’s a screenshot for inspiration for your next team building event or family gathering:
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Chris Busse
Chris Busse @busse

Interesting things that have crossed my desk in the past week.

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