Busse's Weekly Retrospective - Issue #2: Fear & Loathing & Social Media & SMS isn't even safe



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Chris Busse
Chris Busse
Last week’s newsletter had a big pre-amble, I’m keeping this part short today. As before, I hope you find at least one new and interesting thing here in the collection of things that crossed my desk this week, and I welcome your feedback! - Busse [chrisbusse@gmail.com]

I’ve watched Jeff code during keynote presentations at a couple of events in previous years. Awesome to see he still finds the time:
I’ve always been a fan of both the book and movie adaptation of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. There was a time in my life where I went deep into reading HST’s writings. Turns out it’s the 50th anniversary of F&LLV, so let’s make this one a double-feature:
What “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” Owes to Oscar Acosta | The New Yorker
I recently added the Indicator from Planet Money to my Podcast subscriptions. This one on Logistics caught my eye, er, ear:
How Logistics And Supply Chain Management Are Getting More Popular
Alloy accelerates with $100M Series C
Gartner released their “Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle Management (FLAPIM)” – I plan to analyze and write more about this, looking back over the changes in this analysis over the past five years. Looking at this year’s, there are some interesting changes in who is included and not:
Fintan Ryan on Twitter: "We published the Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle #API Management (FLAPIM) last week and the companion Critical Capabilities for Full Life Cycle #API Management this week. (🧵) 1/14… "
Krebs with a great breakdown of the Facebook outage this week. This is a good read for both technical & non-technical audiences:
What Happened to Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp?
…on the topic of Facebook, there was some whistleblower testimony, here’s a good “after the fact” article:
What realistically happens next to Facebook following whistleblower revelations
Two items (2021/this week; 2019) about Syniverse, a company you should be aware of if you aren’t:
Company that routes SMS for all major US carriers was hacked for five years
How one company you’ve never heard of swallowed tens of thousands of text messages — then spit them back out - The Verge
I went to the local art museum this week (the world-class Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) and found a sculpture by Donald Judd that I really connected with, more because of some metadata around it. I googled his name, found this post, and bought his book. Turns out it’s over 1,000 pages long and I’m not sure what I’m getting into:
The persistent disbeliever: on Donald Judd's writings
Paul has some great essays, but I think there is also a way to make “luck” – I’ve started drafting something around my career path and funding “luck” as a result of this tweet:
Paul Graham
@patio11 Success is work multiplied by luck. If either component is zero, the result is zero.
I’m working to go paperless … or at least not have a bunch of analog notebooks around, so I ordered a Supernote A5x e-ink table – a competitor to the more well-known Remarkable 2 – a companion device to replace paper notebooks. Full review to come soon:
Andy’s Tweet below and “The case study factory” go together, just saving you a click to what he’s talking about:
Andy Budd
Super interesting (maybe even important?) article which is nominally about case studies, but is really about an industrialised process for training designers just enough to land a job (but possibly not enough to be good at it).

The case study factory
Matthew Prince 🌥
One of the smartest decisions we made at @Cloudflare was recognizing that the primary purpose of our blog was attracting employees, not attracting customers.
Security Best Practices for Fintech Application Development
If contact centers are your thing, my company put on a webinar recently on a topic of interest, archived here:
Terazo Webinar: Three Trends Driving The Programmable Contact Center
Hundreds of three-eyed 'dinosaur shrimp' emerge after Arizona monsoon
The Obsessive Life and Mysterious Death of the Fisherman Who Discovered The Loch Ness Monster
Thank you!
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Chris Busse
Chris Busse @busse

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