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Your Business Name Tells Us Everything!

Business Bae C
Business Bae C
Here are a few signs that you’ve chosen the right business name…

Starting out 2022 we are going to get back to the basics!
What’s more basic than the name of your company?
People typically come up with the name of their company before they even know what they are going to sell. That’s not always an effective method but the truth is the truth and should be accounted for.
I don’t think a lot of people even understand that your target audience will determine if you have a good name for your company by accepting it or not accepting it. For some reason most of us have had the thought “I’m just going to make them love whatever name I give them”…what a joke!
The truth is…
Which brings me to my first point:
1.)It tells us WHAT you do or WHO you are!
If I am looking to purchase tires, I’m not looking for a place called Bella’s Beauty!
I know people are really vain now a days so don’t be afraid to say the cute stuff first but please explain what industry you are in at the end. We know how much you all love big company comparisons so think about Wal-mart…its actually Wal-mart Superstores!
If you are branding yourself, for the love of humanity tells us what you do after using your first and middle name until its drilled in our head… we get it Ashley Nicole now whats the rest!
we don’t, they don’t…yet at least!
2.) Your target audience can understand it!
Listen I know we all love to come up with clever names that we had to use google translator for but it’s actually frustrating to potential clients when they cannot understand your business name.
The united states can now read at an average of a 6-grade level so let’s leave all the tongue twisters at home.
Reread what I said carefully and understand that if your target audience is a bilingual audience then by all means make them feel at home when they read the name! Now doing it because it “sounds like luxury” is actually very tacky and noticeable to those whom you are trying to attract.
3.)It is unique and not easily confused with others!
I’m a down to Earth woman so I can appreciate a good dupe but not when it comes to legalities and business practices.
We all know the lifespan of even the finest dupes are a lot shorter than the original, so why do it? Well, technically you aren’t even allowed to.
Even if the name is just a little different, if you do not want your brand associated with another’s it is wise to create a name that can stand alone and take all the credit.
If you are choosing to start a new business, take your time and figure out what you want to provide, get some brand values, and create a name afterward. I’ve made the mistakes for you, no need to repeat them!
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