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Women in Business: I'm Every Woman

Business Bae C
Business Bae C
The truth is a century ago no one thought we’d be here BUT nonetheless “ Still We Rise”

When I first started my business, it was to have an unlimited freedom. I would soon realize there is no escaping intersectionality! Its important to understand common bias so when presented you don’t allow it to be disruptive but you can effectively calculate your next move. I’m writing this because I know the truth about women in business and truth is, we aren’t the average woman we defy odds and human nature to get where we are.
Here are just 2 stereotypes for us to dissect:
1.) “Women are more emotional than logical”
This bias is always particularly interesting because when you look past the surface level of business you’ll find that this is a very thought provoking stance. Everyone thinks business is this world wind of money and that everyone involved is some evil genius, which we know isn’t true because half of business owners aren’t geniuses.
Seriously though, on the inside we all know relationships are very much tied to the money decisions. When a meeting is held there is almost always food and at some point where the papers are put aside and summarized by casual conversation. Now there are some people who are in a choke hold by capitalism but they usually fall quickly because they haven’t built the relationships that will catch them when they fall. So when you see that Black women are improving most in business, note that it isn’t just because we are the most degreed per capita but we are experts in accommodation.
“Business isn’t personal, its personality”
-Ciara “Business Bae” Herring
2.)“Women in business don’t have time to be women”
This topic and stereotype disgusts me in general. So lets start with people in general. Success is subjective. So if you value family time maybe it is the reason you started in the first place. If you value luxury traveling then it is imperative for you to have a team. If you want to be hands on because you need structure that too is success. This ideology also traps us into replacing 40hr work weeks with 100hr work weeks and I don’t know a single entrepreneur who plans on doing this long term. To step back into intersectionality, being a woman is subjective. Some women do not dream of pleasing a spouse, having children, and being “domestic”. Nonetheless this is such a misogynistic statement. If you feel a burden to be seen as successful to the rest of the world, i’m here to say… seek therapy because there will always be someone who just doesn’t get it.
I can’t just leave you without some ways to become more comfortable with being an extraordinary business woman.
1.) Keep your goals in front of you and don’t be afraid to change and/or reset them!
2.)STOP the comparison unless you are a part of the team specifically created for change. It clouds your mind with bias!
3.)Make being competent the culture with whatever you do.
4.)Create a niche. Having a niche leaves no choice but tolerance especially when in need.
5.)Absence and declines are always better than reciprocity of bad energy.
6.)STOP code switching. Be the example of women dynamics.
7.)Don’t be embarrassed to fail, be embarrassed to remain unchanged.
8.)Make your life about your standards and not everyone’s perception.
These may seem very streamlined but I can guarantee you they will eliminate your thirst to accommodate and prove who you already are. Remember if you ever want to change your mind, no one’s judgement but your own matters.
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Business Bae C
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