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Twitter has a Secret Feature

Business Bae C
Business Bae C
Twitter is responsible for a lot of millionaires in the small business sector. One way to make sure you become one of them is knowing how to make your Twitter experience as efficient as possible. Plug ins are usually created for Twitter but not always adopted by the company… that doesn’t mean we can’t use them!

There is a love-hate relationship all business owners have with their content. We love that it brings us supporters and gives us some instant gratification but we also hate the fact that our hard work gets wiped away so quickly when we took forever to create it.
What if there was a way you could make your content easily accessible for you?
What if you could search through your old tweets when you are on a Twitter space because someone just asked you a question you’ve made like 10 threads about?
What if you want to social listen with a list you made with your dream clients?
come now!
come now!
No more what-ifs! The Twemex browser extension allows you to do all of those things.
What is Twemex and its benefits?
Twemex is a browser extension created especially for Twitter. While it has been around for a couple of years it has not been deemed an official Twitter extension.
The browser extension sounds like just another advanced search but I can assure you, it is much more than that! Twemex is most helpful to entrepreneurs and individuals who want to find their audience and re purpose their tweets. If this sounds like you..strap up we goin for a ride…
What Features are most valuable on Twemex?
There are a number of ways that you can use this hidden extension but here are the basics.
You can control the view that the sidebar is set to, here are the choices:
1.) Highlights- When you are on someone’s profile you can view their most-liked tweets on the sidebar and get a good look at their voice and how other people feel about that voice before following or interacting with them. I suggest going to your mentor in your industry and looking at the structure of their best tweets and how they provide information to use as a rubric for your own.
2.)Quote Tweets- This is where you can click on a tweet and read all the quote tweets to it on the sidebar without having to index the tweet every time. This is like a reader version for Quote tweets rather than threads, which is behind the Twitter Blue paywall.
3.)On this day- It’s giving Facebook memories! If in this mode, you can view tweets from you and your followers from that day over the past years. This allows you to provide social proof to increase your credibility.
4.)Our conversations-With this view turned on, while on someone’s profile you can view all the conversations you’ve had with them in the sidebar. This is helpful when you are looking to reconnect with someone.
The Important details
  • Twemex is still in its beta phase. While there are little to no reoccurring issues, understand it is a live project.
  • Twemex is currently a free service but I have no insight on if that will change.
  • Twemex is only available for desktops.
Is Twemex adding new features?
As valuable as Twemex already is, they actually have a plan to premiere these new features soon:
  • The ability to search your likes and bookmarks
  • Profile notes
  • Custom saved searches
  • The ability to curate highlights for other Twemex users to see
  • Safari support
Where can I find Twemex?
To utilize Twemex you must install it on your computer. You can find your respective software link below:
Get more insight from Twitter
Twemex also has a search bar on the side bar that will allow you to quickly search through your own tweets, people you follow, a specific username, a list you are viewing, and even from the comments of one user to another.
Black Owned Business Highlight of the Week:
Our highlight section of the week features a 4c forward hair company created by another Black woman with 4c hair.
Whether you believe in hair typing or not, you can believe that your hair will be thankful you chose a Black woman to care for it. With their highly anticipated relaunch March 21,2022, the owner Nneoma has opened the site, so you can register for the wait list.
Stay updated in live time by following them on Twitter.
As always my Alter Egos…
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