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How to Turn Twitter Spaces into MP3 Audio

Business Bae C
Business Bae C
So you found out you can record your Twitter Spaces and so you start batch creating content. You take the steps of retrieving your space recording only to realize, you can’t use it the way you want to. In this article, I’ll introduce you to a quick and easy way to download your Twitter Spaces as MP3 files.

As you all know by now, I am a Twitterholic and I’m always finding ways to enhance my experience. This week I found the ultimate no code solution to using your own Twitter Spaces recordings.
What if I told you, its as simple as mentioning an account in the replies of your space?
No really, its truly that simple.
I was able to host a space and invite the CEO of Space Downloader, Jibril Sulaiman.
What is Space Downloader?
Its an account on Twitter that will find your space, convert it to an MP3 file, and reply back to you with a downloadable file.
Why Space Downloader?
Jibril made it clear, “I want to give creators control of their intellectual property”
For those who don’t know, when you post on social media, you are giving the platform and any one on it access to your content. Most creators complain that they have a hard time transitioning their content to repurpose for themselves.
By making the Space recordings MP3 audio it allows creators to repurpose their content and remove the content from the original platform.
Who Can Access My Twitter Space Recordings?
So typically recordings are available to the public for 30days. This is only in the listen feature. Only you can request the recording file, that comes in low quality format.
Space Downloader will only generate the MP3 version of a space recording if the host or cohost are requesting it.
How much does Space Downloader cost?
Currently Space Downloader is free. There are some simple courtesies you are expected to follow:
  • Follow @Spacedownloader
  • Wait up to 5 minutes for your file
  • Use the TipJar
Jibril says “ I can’t say that Space Downloader will be free forever, I’m hoping to present to Twitter as a credible plug in.” Although he is not yet a Twitter partner, his method has worked seamlessly in the beta phase, bringing in over 100 downloads within the first 24hrs.
Step by Step How to use Space Downloader.
I’ve created a Youtube Video to show you just how easy using Space Downloader really is :
How to Download Your Twitter Space Recording as a MP3 file
How to Download Your Twitter Space Recording as a MP3 file
If you enjoyed this hack and want to support a Black leader ergonomically impacting tech, give Jibril a follow for day to day updates:
As always my Alter Egos…
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