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Business Bae C
Business Bae C
In 2021, I was able to generate 30k from Twitter alone and I know there is more for me and some to share with you, of course.
Truth is…if you’re new here you’ve missed out on decades of inside jokes and its scary. If you are a vet here, welp things are changing. Today we’ll feature the three tools we are using to make our Twitter experience easier and lucrative.

This could be us but you're scared of Twitter
This could be us but you're scared of Twitter
This site has been around but for some reason, business owners just haven’t utilized it. This tool vets your account to see what percentage of your followers are real and which ones are bots!
If you are reading data with fluffed numbers then are you really reading data? Making sure that you have real followers can explain some of the weird outliers or trends in your analysis.
When you get your report if you are between 100 and 90 you’ve been doing a good job weeding out the fakes all on your own. Anything under 90 means you may have to hire a detective. *LOLs*
They also have a pro version where you can see which accounts are the fake ones. In the video below watch my review about the tool:
How to run a Free Twitter Audit for Twitter Growth in 2022!
How to run a Free Twitter Audit for Twitter Growth in 2022!
Here's what mine looks like!
Here's what mine looks like!
2.)Tweet Scheduling
You can now schedule your tweets on desktop mode!
This allows you to automatically implement the strategy you have without having to set random alarms. This is also a great option for someone who is using their business as a side hustle; connect with your audience while you are away. For those like myself who are obsessed with data, you can run effective experiments with exact timing.
You didn’t hear this from me but automated tweets perform better when coming from the Twitter app versus a third-party app. If you are looking to monetize on Twitter, I suggest scheduling your sales tweets.
To get a short tutorial on how to start scheduling on Twitter watch the video below:
Automating and Scheduling your Tweets for Growth in 2022!
Automating and Scheduling your Tweets for Growth in 2022!
3.)Advance Search
She’s been around a while but most people have never seen it because it’s only available on desktop (or taking the mobile browser way).
I know what you are thinking “Wow a search bar big deal”
Instead of endlessly scrolling, you can just request the answer you are looking for.
I commonly use the feature to search for my own tweets so I can upcycle the content. There are also functions where you can search for someone’s tweets for specific words. (if you’ve read my blogs in the coming weeks then this is the feature you use to make moments).
Let’s get to the money of this though. This is the tool you are going to use to get your biggest opportunities from Twitter in 2022. Use this feature to search for words or phrases that describe your audience and follow the accounts that pop up(after some vetting of course). If you are a professional or service-based business on Twitter, search for the positions you want, search for the names of your services.
The biggest takeaway from this feature is compiling industry research. Plugin your title to find others just like you and turn your TL into a live forum for your benefit. Make sure you stay up to date by consistently using the trending part of searches.
If you are really ready to take off I suggest coming up with a high converting profile so when they come to follow you back, they become a lead to your website or offer.
To watch a short intro on advance searches, click the link below:
How to use Advance Search for Twitter Growth in 2022!
How to use Advance Search for Twitter Growth in 2022!
I hope you enjoyed this enough to actually start implementing it!
Next week we will be back with some insider scoop on the tech that is making being present on every social site possible.
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Business Bae C
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