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Business Bae C
Business Bae C
You are finally on social media but you don’t know why you are not receiving the results you want. You have been skeptical about eBooks and “gurus” so you’re stuck doing it all on your own?

You don’t have to suffer alone anymore!
This upcoming week I have decided to give business owners the chance I never had, free audits from an expert.
For those of you who do not know how I became Business Bae C, let me bring you up to speed.
I started a product-based business, From the Rib LLC, in 2017 with no prior experience. Most of my marketing was being well known for working around the clock and being charming. Although my products were effective, I didn’t know how to convey that through a screen.
I had started my MBA but learning about business and conducting business are two very different things.
As I continued my journey, my background in research took over and I noticed trends in my sales and marketing. From this moment forward I started testing out these strategies!
Once they worked consistently, I shared these tactics with other business owners alike. I knew this is what I was supposed to be doing but fear told me “I wasn’t qualified”
I dedicated that next year to give out my information for FREE!
During that year, I helped 6 businesses hit the six-figure mark. I now had the proof I needed to start charging for my services.
That was now 2 years ago.
I know how it is to have the hunger without the finances. That’s why this upcoming Thursday from 6 pm-8 pm EST, I will be hosting a YouTube live where I will be doing Free account audits. I will do as many as we can in that time frame. This will help you construct your social media to turn your followers into clients!
To be chosen for a free audit, you must:
-Be following my Twitter page @BusinessBaeC with the link below:
-Register your name for the random drawing through the link below:
Schedule Appointment with EGO the agency
-Subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive the alert for the live and be in attendance of the live at the time your name is pulled (link below):
Business Bae C
This is a thank you for helping me find my purpose and the support I receive daily!
Until next week my Alter Egos…
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Business Bae C
Business Bae C @Businessbaec

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