Business and Love: a Short Love Story





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Business Bae C
Business Bae C
Are you pleasing both of your partners?

“This is real life, stop dreaming!”
The words every entrepreneur has nightmares about, right?
Those were the words that put an ocean between me and who I would’ve once considered forever. Although i never cheated, I had surely brought someone else into our relationship without permission. She was beautiful. She kept my nose open and my heart racing. She had loved me and I her in such a short amount of time. Before I knew it she consumed me and handmade every smile I produced for months on end. Like most “affairs”, we had gone too far, especially me. I had completely abandoned my half of the rent for our dates and late nights, while showing no remorse.
Her name?
In no time I knew I’d spend forever with her. Forever with her had to begin with the end of my old forever.
When our honeymoon phase had lapsed I realized she had emotionally, mentally, and physically abused me. Our good days sat me on top of mountains I never knew existed in the city. Everyone questioned our relationship but I always assured them she’d be the reason they all rested comfortably some day.
One day while dreaming I found someone else wondering there. His nose as open and heart racing as fast as mine when he saw her. Initially threatened, I held her close and made sure to state she was here to stay. With a warm smile, the man stared at me and shook my world. “I was actually staring at you.” Still in defense I responded “She’s a part of me…forever” and with little to no time at all he shook my world again “I know, she’s my favorite part of you…forever”
Soooooo thats the dramatized version of saying, as an entrepreneur, find a partner that suits your needs. In doing that understand there are things you can do to better maintain a relationship as an entrepreneur. Lets start with simply remembering you are in one.
Business and love have some similar stages:
1.) The meet up- its blissful here and there is this euphoric feeling of something new and this underlying thought “I can finally be myself” It is very important to set boundaries and expectations here.
2.)End of the Honeymoon Phase- You must nurture the relationship. What are your problem solving tactics? What keeps you going? Are you still compatible?
3.)The forever- you’ve chosen each other, How do you maintain. What are your purposes in each other’s lives? Does the good outweigh the bad, CONSISTENTLY?
Are you ready to please both of your partners?
Businesses are easy to make flexible, now humans?
I’m sorry you can’t really change them BUT here are some tips you can use to make sure you are doing your part.
1.)Communicate- If you are thinking about starting a business let your partner know what you need from them and the possible sacrifices. If your schedule is changing, have another conversation. Be prepared and willing to hear their opinion on it. Its okay if the response isn’t always cheerful but make sure to reiterate what the rewards are and how important the benefits are to you.
2.)Keep your word- Being in love with an entrepreneur isn’t the luxury you think it is…well sometimes but not all of the times! Accepting your passion as a segway to what the rest of their life will look like is a HUGE sign of trust. If nothing else KEEP YOUR WORD!
3.)Share the fruit- the truth is you chose to be in a relationship so you chose to share your fruit. I’m not saying run into financial and emotional abuse but understand that most times if you are dating/married to someone who isn’t an entrepreneur I provide some form of stability for you. Whether it be keeping a routine, consistent pay, lacking that emotional rollercoaster you come with sometimes, and let’s not even talk availability. Even if you are too busy to notice, THEY ARE SACRIFICING! Therefore they deserve the reward.
Love is a complex thing and so is business but they both require great character and growth from YOU!
-Business Bae C
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Business Bae C
Business Bae C @Businessbaec

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