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3 Twitter Features Every Business Owner Needs in 2022

Business Bae C
Business Bae C
If you are a business owner using Twitter you need to develop a community. Here are 3 features that help you build influence over your audience and turn them into your personal “Beehive”

I’ll be the first to tell you the truth…everything can work for everyone but somethings work easier for some.
Now that that’s out of the way, that comes in specific terms not general ones. Everyone can use social media but maybe everyone excels on Twitter. You aren’t using Twitter to its full potential if you do not incorporate the 3 features below.
1.)Moments on Twitter
Moments on Twitter are essentially folders of tweet compilations that can be shared with your audience. Imagine taking all of your threads and tweeting them at once for your new followers! Imagine creating a virtual lookbook of your products without your audience having to leave your profile so by the time they get to your site they are ready to check out, instantly!
Imagine being a dynamic person and being able to showcase your tweets in one particular subject.
As a consumer imagine going to your favorite account on Twitter and instead of having to scroll their entire profile you can just hit one link and see all the important things you missed out on.
Moments on Twitter are only able to be created and edited on desktop but they are accessible on your menu once completed on your Twitter mobile app.
To learn how to create a moment and use it effectively watch the video below:
Twitter Growth 2022 Tip #2 : Twitter Moments feature
Twitter Growth 2022 Tip #2 : Twitter Moments feature
2.)Twitter Communities
Twitter Communities is a new feature that hasn’t quite rolled out to everyone unless you’ve come in contact with it. It’s essentially a clubhouse version of tweeting. You join communities on a certain subject or topic and you can tweet to them specifically without altering your audience’s experience! You know what that means? No more separate personal and business accounts for us service providers on Twitter!
This also means you can create a community with your audience or join communities that are your target audience without having to have a high followers count. Can anyone say free community building and advertisement?
If you enjoy information like myself, this makes Twitter a new go to place for all of your favorite forums.
Learn how to gain access to Twitter Communities in the video below:
Twitter Growth 2022 Tip #1 :Communities Feature how to
Twitter Growth 2022 Tip #1 :Communities Feature how to
3.)Spaces on Twitter
Spaces on Twitter AKA Twitter Spaces is the most known feature of the 3. Twitter Spaces is the audio portion of Twitter that allows the more social group migrating there to shine. In a Twitter Space, you can talk to your followers and anyone else who joins.
It features a host, co-host, and 10 other speakers. The key here is that the number of listeners are unlimited. Twitter Spaces has also proven to be a great follower growth strategy for those who have valuable information.
Business owners this is a chance for you to create an emotional attachment to your brand. This also gives you the opportunity to learn from other successful business owners.
If you are a podcast or radio enthusiast Twitter Space is a great place to start. You can host your podcast on Twitter Spaces because they are recorded!
All in all 2022 is looking like the year of Twitter Spaces. Learn how to set up a Twitter Space and all the bells and whistles below:
Twitter Growth tips 2022 # 3: Twitter Spaces
Twitter Growth tips 2022 # 3: Twitter Spaces
I hope this blog made you feel like there is so much more room to grow on Twitter. This is just one of the many blogs you will see me write on Twitter because I’m addicted to it and seeking help BUT for now you can benefit from it by checking out my YouTube with more tutorials and breakdowns.
Business Bae C
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