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3 Tips to Pricing in 2022

Business Bae C
Business Bae C
You don’t charge enough, plain and simple!

Tbh its probably not your fault you haven’t learned your worth because if you learned that too early capitalism wouldn’t exist!
Business Bae is here to teach you what the world is afraid for you to find out!
Here are the top 3 reasons I can tell you don’t charge enough:
1.) You don’t consider time management!
No really what’s the reason?!
You wanna make six figures but only want to work 5 figure hours?
You wanna make six figures but don’t have a schedule at all?
Think about someone who makes six figures and how seriously they take their time, are you willing to be disciplined enough to hit your goals consistently?
2.)You don’t price based on your goals!
Its always “I didn’t hit my goals” never “I made my goals impossible not to hit”
Think about this for a second…
Imagine if you made your goal to be booked for at least 40hrs out of the MONTH, then priced your services based on an hourly wage?
You’d only have to work 40hrs out of the MONTH and focus on building value!
Just something to think about! I have to say this method requires consistent self-development but it has the best ROI I’ve ever seen.
3.)You never update your prices!
If you never account for inflation then you literally lose money every year!
You never add a little spice to anything!
If your products and services are the same all the time it gives us the impression you never improve anything! It’s almost suspicious *giggles*
No seriously, you should always be adding value to your business and the price should always reflect that value!
Short answers:
-Find the minimum you can bring in per month and start there
-Include a savings or expansion percentage into your pricing
-Be realistic about the time you are willing to spend to hit your goals
Long answer:
-Purchase this step by step course to make sure you get it right:
Perfect Pricing
2022 is LITERALLY this week! Are you ready?
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Business Bae C
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