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10 Tips for Consistency in 2022

Business Bae C
Business Bae C
Are you tired of your own sh*t?! Its ok to say it. You have one more “New year, new me” in you!

I know what you’re thinking…“I’m serious this time!”
Its that time of the year where you are either freaking out because “I got so much done this year how will I top this?” orrrrrr “I let myself down AGAIN this year but this is where I draw the line!”
No matter which one of those you are, you’ll need consistency going into the near year!
Don’t worry, Business Bae is here to give you 10 tips on how we will make 2022 our best year yet!
Let’s get into it!
*Rubs hands like Birdman"
*Rubs hands like Birdman"
Listen you are going to need SOMEBODY who is rooting for you ALL the time and more importantly someone who GETS IT! Stop relying on your life partner and friends who have no interest in business to learn something you can barely figure out just to relate to you! Your business buddy is the person you send Tik Toks and YouTube videos to! Your business buddy is the person you don’t charge to pick their brain because they pick yours for free as well! Your business buddy is the one who is honest with you and knows you enough personally to provide sound advice.
2.)Plan Time for Fu*k Ups!
Screwing something up is inevitable! Misusing your time is going to happen! Life is going to happen! You can’t throw the calendar away or just run behind for the rest of the year! So what do you do?
Plan make up time! Remember when you had study hall in school? There is a reason for everything…
3.)Set Alarms and Reminders.
This one is self explanatory buttttttttt are you really doing that? Do you have reoccurring reminders? Are your reminders organized and folders with ample amounts of information? Are your alerts even on?
I don’t want you to get overwhelmed so we can stop there but I think you get the picture.
4.)Share Your Calendar w/Loved Ones.
Listen love is a beautiful distraction, whether it be romantic, platonic, or family. It’s responsible to share your calendar with your core, so they know when they can call if you can go to an event etc etc.
This will help erase some of the guilt associated with being an entrepreneur.
5.)Silence the Outside World When Creating.
Stay on schedule! When you are scheduled to work for someone else you stay on task, so do the same thing for yourself. Whats the point in having a schedule if you never stick to it?
When you are working, be somewhere you KNOW you are going to be able to work!
6.)Ask Your Doctor and/or Therapist.
A lot of us are going through life with a unique view but we are not making sure we do things differently to reflect such views. If you have ADHD, the methods you take to plan and function are going to be different. If you feel like consistency is a major issue for you, express this to your doctor it could be a symptom of an underlying condition.
We live in a rewards and punishment society, so naturally we are inclined to repeat behavior we are rewarded for. You wonder why discipline is always so hard buttttttt you have nothing to look forward to, so it feels pointless in some moments.
Those are the moments you throw away your 19 day streaks or convince yourself you can just do it another time.
I recommend looking over your responsibilities quarterly. If they have increased or decreased chances are you need to rework your schedule to reflect that.
You should also be looking at where you are with your goals. Some goals may require more or less attention and time.
9.)Make Timelines for Your Goals.
When you commit to a goal you should understand where you are beginning, have two checkpoints in between, and ultimately an end. In you calendar, there should be reminders to check on those goals and determine if you need to make schedule adjustments from that point to the next.
We are often our own worse enemies because we want to avoid pain and agony. We have to be the gatekeepers of our own success and that means using discernment to determine what we really want and how much effort we have allotted for such thing. We usually find ourselves disappointed when we don’t achieve a goal instead of deciding if we want to continue to strive for it or release that expectation all together.
Remember most things you will do in this life must be satisfactory to you.
If you use half the tips here I’m sure next year will be better than this one!
One of the changes I’m making for 2022 is creating more video content for my followers who may prefer having visuals!
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