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By Geoff Donaker

Bursts of Color - I'm Your Huckleberry





Bursts of Color - I'm Your Huckleberry
By Geoff Donaker • Issue #19 • View online
I listened to Val Kilmer’s so-named memoir last weekend. It was a fun trip to the 80s and 90s, with stops at Top Gun, The Doors, and Heat. It also revealed Val’s personal journey, as memoirs are supposed to, with his unique struggles, pain and triumphs. I tend to like these first-person accounts better than most other non-fiction, and always learn something. Here are a few others that have stuck with me (apologies for the imperfect groupings):

PS: A Plug for Audiobooks
While I enjoy reading in the traditional format, I also go through a lot of audiobooks while running, driving, cooking, shopping, etc. Memoirs read by the author often provide that extra special sauce.
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