What's your north star while building in public? 🔭⭐️



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What's your north star while building in public? 🔭⭐️
By KP • Issue #15 • View online
Hey folks,
Recently, I gave a workshop on “BUILDING IN PUBLIC” at On Deck and shared insights, lessons, war stories and essentially opened up all my playbooks on the topic. The talk seemed to have resonated deeply with many fellows and I was grateful and delighted. Some of them even shared highlights and notes.
Quick question: Do you ever wonder why building in public seems to be working for some while others look like they are trying too hard?
Well, I don’t know the exact answer but I’ll share my best guess at the bottom of this email.

Announcing "Curated By KP", my personal job board 🚀
Some of you know that in 2020 I found my dream job at an ambitious rocketship startup (On Deck) all in public.
I broke into tech from the outside both metaphorically and geographically. I lived in Atlanta which is not a top tier startup city like NYC/SF/London. Plus I came from a corporate background with zero startup connections or network per se. I genuinely assumed tech startups were not for people like me and I was at a disadvantage. I’ve quickly learned that it is completely untrue especially after landing the On Deck job and finding my place in startups in the last 10 months.
Now, I want to help open doors for many others like me. Many people assume that there are not enough well-paying non-technical and technical jobs in the startup sphere. That is fast changing. Fortunately, I have a unique vantage point where I get to see hundreds of early-stage startups (both via my Twitter and my podcast) so I decided I will amplify the great roles at great startups I see. Hence the job board. [s/o to Pallet team for helping me put this together]
Each Friday, I’m going to add a curated selection of roles from startups that I’d recommend. If you’re considering break into tech or curious to learn more about some hot opportunities, sign up here for free.
In today’s edition, I want to highlight 2 roles that are getting a lot of eye balls and applications:
A lot of people appear to be trying too hard or burn out while building in public because they are chasing the wrong north star. Don’t aim to go viral (likes and retweets) but instead aim to expand your luck surface area on the Internet. Publish content that aligns with your beliefs, ideas, and insights freely and frequently. This will help attract others who believe in the same which creates natural serendipity in so many ways. That’s something that’s worked really well for me and I hope it does for you too!
PS: If you have a role at your startup that you’d love for me to include in my job board and surface it to the ~2k audience of this newsletter and 17k of my Twitter followers, just reply here or DM me.
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