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Still on the fence on learning no-code? What's stopping you?

Still on the fence on learning no-code? What's stopping you?
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It’s not an understatement when I say no-code practically changed my life and my career. In 2018, I was a different KP. Stuck at a corporate job where I felt like I was a tiny cog in a huge wheel, surrounded by uninspiring peers who I didn’t resonate with, bringing home a paycheck that was not even 1/3th of my income today, things weren’t looking bright and enthusiastic. Ironically, I took way too long to spring into action and bet on myself.
I knew I had a bigger potential, I knew I had a spark to do something with my life, I knew I had ideas that could be interesting and helpful to others but I didn’t give myself a shot. I didn’t invest in myself the way I would today (without even blinking!).
It’s embarrassing to share this but I remember not paying Webflow’s monthly package ($20/month) because I was too cheap/afraid that I wouldn’t utilize it to the full extent. But kept watching others rise and shine and follow their dreams, what a travesty! To be sitting left out on the sidelines when deep down I knew I had what it takes to be in the arena. I am glad I finally got around to going deep into no-code and giving myself a chance to succeed.
Today, I want to share an article I wrote with a friend Matteo at On Deck on some similar patterns I’ve seen from my experience and while mentoring/coaching hundreds of other no-code fellows at On Deck. I hope you’ll enjoy the read, and a few of these resonate with you.
Why you’re stuck at step 1 in your No-Code journey
When you’re at the beginning of your No-Code journey, there are many pitfalls that can make you lose steam and motivation before even building anything. In this article, we’ll discuss these common mistakes, and share with you useful tips on how to get back on track to bring your ideas to life with No-Code.
In recent years, No-Code has been establishing itself as a new means for anyone (especially those without a coding background) to bring their ideas to life. Up until only five years ago, you needed a developer to build a website or mobile app, or expensive software to manage your customer relationships and deal records. Today, you can set that up in minutes with Notion, Bubble, Zapier or another handful of No-Code apps, and most of the time for free.
This flexibility opens a new realm of possibilities for anyone who has the grit to build on their own app ideas, make them a reality, and even make a living out of them. It’s definitely easier and cheaper than the traditional development route, but it comes with its learning curve too. 
In this article, we’ll discuss what are the main mistakes people make when going through this learning curve, and how you can overcome them and fast-track your path to build impactful No-Code applications, whatever your mission or purpose is.
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