Build In Public - Special Merch Sale 👕 [30% off]



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Build In Public - Special Merch Sale 👕 [30% off]
By KP • Issue #28 • View online
Hey everyone,
Did you know I have a ‘Build In Public’ merch store? (built with no-code tools like Webflow of course)
Well, before I forget, if you are in fact interested in buying some hoodies for yourself or your colleagues, here’s a complimentary 30% coupon code: RACSBVEEUJUK (valid for multiple purchases)
Time for some backstory:
For this personal passion project, I’ve partnered up with Gary who’s behind the Fast store. Yep, the merch that’s everywhere… even the NASCAR racer Parker Kilgerman wears those Fast hoodies.
Gary has gracefully offered to collaborate with me and co-create a new merch line for founders and makers who love to build in public. Like many of you.
And here’s how they look. I love the design and they’re comfy as hell (thanks to Gary’s manufacturer contacts!)
Anyway, I’ve figured I haven’t promoted them much in my newsletter or my podcast (despite wearing them a couple of times in interviews) so here’s my attempt to do so :)
my interview with Alexis Ohanian
my interview with Alexis Ohanian
But seriously, these hoodies are so slick. Below are some builders who have been rocking them.. one of them even included it in his Twitter pfp 🤯
krish on Twitter: "@thisiskp_ and @garydarna, Love the BIP hoodie! It's awesome man.. Thank you for sending it across.… "
gokulmadan.eth on Twitter: "These aren’t just good looking hoodies… they’re soooo comfortable too!! Thanks @garydarna and @thisiskp_ #buildinpublic…"
We’re estimating that within 2 weeks, we will run out of our inventory completely. And we have plans to move on from this collection and surface new designs (spring style 👋) so figured I’d reach out.
So go ahead and grab yours before they’re gone. The website link is here. And here’s the 30% coupon code once again: RACSBVEEUJUK
Thanks for reading & hit me up on Twitter if you do end up buying one or gifting one for someone who builds in public. I’d love to check out your photos and add them to the website.
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