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Build In Public: Here's the Nov 2020 Community Edition ⚡️

Build In Public: Here's the Nov 2020 Community Edition ⚡️
By KP • Issue #7 • View online
Hey everyone 👋
It is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. today. Apart from the festivities, it is a great time to reflect and refocus on all the things we can be grateful for. In my case, I’m grateful for a big basket of blessings this year including getting the chance to build this terrific community of makers/founders who believe in the “build in public” movement. Many of you are my friends or follow me on Twitter and share your updates/milestones (both wins and lessons) and continue to inspire me by your vulnerability and courage. So, thank you! This has been a wild year for me with so many life upgrades, the new job at On Deck, a new baby on the way, so many friendships and supportive founders and builders who have consistently gone above and beyond to help, the list is endless. Hope you’ll get a chance to replay your year back and find things to be grateful for this holiday season.
To compliment the interviews featured on this site, we’ve always wanted to do a community round-up. One edition every few weeks dedicated entirely to the #buildinpublic community updates.
The intention is to post exciting content from the community to celebrate the makers/builders building in public.
So without further ado, let’s get rolling.

‍#buildinpublic LAUNCHES 🚀
  • Tem shared that he’s launching “Entrepreneur OS” , which be a complete and integrated task, project, sales, and marketing Notion workspace for makers and indie hackers.
  • Gabe Ragland shared he’s building in public by live tweeting the development of Devjoy
  • Akiff shared he launched his new personal website where he’ll be posting articles daily
  • Dickie Bush is building Ship30for30 who surfaces 60 new online creators who are shipping work for 30 days in a row.
  • Lauren Macpherson is building ‘Product Studio OS’ in public
  • Teodora Dobre launched ThreadOK 100% bootstrapped, and 0 to launch in one month!
#buildinpublic WINS: 🏆
PS: Shout out to Sameer for helping me with the Build In Public site and improving the content.
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Thank you for reading!
Final note:
If you’re celebrating today, I want to wish you a wonderful and joyous time with your loved ones and a Happy Thanksgiving!
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