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Build In Public: Here's the Community Edition ⚡️

Build In Public: Here's the Community Edition ⚡️
By KP • Issue #5 • View online
Hey everyone 👋
Last week, I didn’t get to publish a new Build In Public interview with a creator. I took a mental break as I had to focus on LetterDrop for a while and needed some extra bandwidth. I did however have 2 new guests who I already recorded so expect their content soon :)
In the interim, I figured I’ll fill the gap with something I’ve always wanted to do. A community round-up. I intend to post exciting content from the community to celebrate the makers/builders building in public once every 2 weeks. So without further ado, let’s get rolling for the 1st every BUILD IN PUBLIC: COMMUNITY EDITION.

#buildinpublic LAUNCHES 🚀
  • Janel, Pablo and Valentin just launched which they’re building in public
  • Mark Magnuson just launched that he’s building in public
  • Sharath just launched which he intends to build in public
#buildinpublic SHOUTOUTS: 🏆
  • Shout out to Quentin for hitting a wonderful milestone [nearly $1.5k in revenue] for tims and sharing how he got there in public
  • Shout out to Sako for destroying the defeating beliefs of what’s possible in no-code with his mega ambitious project. Rebuilding Civilization VI which turns out to be the largest Webflow project ever featuring 12,400 elements, 1800 styles, 1200 assets, and 400 interactions.Brace yourself, here’s a preview.
  • Shout out to Pierre is building Nocode Club in public, the place for no-code makers to connect and help each other out in their no-code builds.
  • Shout out to Kavir is building an email course in public
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