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Build In Public - Community Edition (Sep 2021)

Build In Public - Community Edition (Sep 2021)
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Hey everyone 👋
Let’s open this edition with a powerful quote:

Build in public is writing your own autobiography

as a founder, creator or builder

one tweet at a time
On that note, get ready for September’s round-up highlighting key launches and wins from founders, makers, and creators in the #buildinpublic community.
Without further ado, let’s get rolling.
  • Akhil BVS has launched Adsets, a platform to discover performing ads in every industry.
  • Udit Shakya has recently launched Product Design Assignments to help people prepare for product design interviews.
  • Daren is writing a book in public Craftsman Creative. He has published 4 chapters so far.
  • Mauro Garcia launched SpiroKit which helps to prototype an app in one sitting.
  • Sanskar Tiwari is building in public which hides sensitive information while screen sharing.
  • Dagobert Renouf is building Logology in public. It’s a way for startups to get a designer-quality logo in 5 minutes.
  • Jakob Greenfeld launched Newsletter Spy 2.0, a database of 100,000+ newsletters.
  • Manan Mehta launched Taxarly, a way to remember due dates on taxes.
  • Richard Chu is building Notebase, a personal knowledge base for networked thinking.
  • Nitish Reddy launched git for documents at is a workspace for makers building in public.
  • Rinkesh Gorasia launched Twittr Gems to browse and learn from twitter threads.
  • Viren Oswall launched Attentioun, a place for curious people and independent writers.
  • Kushank Poddar is writing a book on Investing called Rabbit Hole Guide for Investing in India.
  • Bruce Mclachlan launched Awesome Info Products.
  • Ravi Chodavarapu has launched a newer version of Logvana.
  • Deepak built Habitate, to help companies create, customize and host a community.
  • Nicolas Cava’s Meet Crew has opened its registration for early access. It’s a platform to plan multi-person trips.
  • Avi Gupta launched CourseNest, to find the perfect Cohort-based course.
  • Mark Nadal has launched a newer version of Open source firebase after 1+ year of working on it.
  • Sameer Kapur is building Burst, an earning app with DeFi.
  • Niraj Dugar published the first episode of his podcast The Contrarian Living Show.
  • Mike Jackowski is building backlinkmanager in public.
  • Yusuku Nishijima is building an app using no-code that helps people memorize national flags.
  • Dave shipped Art by an AI, a daily prompt competition.
  • Utkarsh Bhimte is building Noggin, a notion course builder.
  • Tom launched Twnty Four. A website that shows current local time on a live 24 hr timeline.
  • Aaron Weiche launched leadferno, helping convert more website visitors to leads using SMS.
  • Billy Rusteen launched Lineup Advisor, which uses the wisdom of the crowd to create fantasy football projections.
  • Dil launched Lab Overflow, a community for Cannabis testing industry.
  • Firat Demirel launched Gumpilot, a place for gumroad creators to promote their products using discount code.
  • Vinam Suri launched public beta version of Plaza.
  • Gaurav and Surabhi Bansal are building Hifreyja, supporting couples on their journey to parenthood.
  • Saif Abid and Mirvise Najafe launched an API to plant trees.
  • Bryan launched workload, a workflow automation software.
  • Harris Karim launched Zome to help people become net zero in their homes.
  • Natalie Furness has launched Minimum Viable Stack.
  • Jake’s Pepper the App is now on iOS App Store.
  • Jeremy launched The Side Hustle Guide in public.
  • Matt Harriman announced the closed beta of their Pod 2’s Validator.
  • Bradley Jacobs launched Mylance, a freelance consulting platform.
  • Yusuf Abrahams launched App your Game, growing the digital product leaders of Africa.
  • Fedor Kovalev launched Magic Educator , helps create teaching materials 10x faster.
  • Katerina launched Human Matter, a 7-day email masterclass in reflective journaling.
  • Alper Kemal launched Plygrnd by building in public.
  • Maximilian Fleitmann launched BaseTemplates for founders.
  • Sam Dickie built, a curated list of latest digital products.
  • Aditya launched meeting routines on Kaapi providing free meeting templates.
  • Miguel Coba launched his eBook aimed at developers wanting to write their first eBook.
  • Ramy is building Feedback Lane in public.
  • Jake Belford is publishing a newsletter Cursed with Curiosity.
  • Konstantin is building Smartifact, a worksheet builder for course creators, coaches and consultants.
  • Daniel is writing his newsletter Flying Forks.
  • Andrii launched ohmycode to make developer experience on Github better.
  • Yullkak is working on, a platform that publishes weekly science-based brief articles.
  • Stan has launched - no more researching prospects before demo.
  • Shoutout to Nick for building a $10 million revenue Chocolate company by building in public.
  • Congrats Ch Daniel for crossing $7,056 ARR in 7 days since the launch of Legit Check.
  • Akhil’s Adsets was featured the #1 product of the day on Product Hunt on Sept 6.
  • Shoutout to Koustubha for crossing 40k+ registered users for his product Simplified.
  • Congrats Art | NoCodeDevs for crossing $1700 MRR for his newsletter.
  • Shoutout to Furkan and team for their launch of Omnicourse. It was the #1 product of the day on Product Hunt on Sept 8.
  • A big shoutout to Mohd Danish for his launch of Micro Invest. It was featured as the #1 product of the day on Product Hunt on Sept 5.
  • Dan Rowden is about to take his third and fourth products past $1k MRR!
  • Shoutout to Leo’s hyperping for crossing $5.9k MRR.
Thanks for reading.
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As always, your feedback is welcome. Please hit reply and feel free to share what you think I can improve on.
Best regards,
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