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Build In Public - Community Edition (Oct 2021)

Build In Public - Community Edition (Oct 2021)
By KP • Issue #24 • View online
Hey everyone 👋
Let’s open this newsletter with a powerful quote ⬇️


Building in public is not about chasing vanity metrics like followers counts, likes and retweets

It’s about increasing your luck surface area on the Internet ⚡️

Fix your North Star, rest will follow
Luck surface area. Aka serendipity. Aka helping relevant and like-minded people find you through your content. That’s what building in public is all about.
With that said, get ready for October’s community edition highlighting key launches and wins from founders, makers, and creators in the #buildinpublic community.
Without further ado, let’s get rolling 🏀
#buildinpublic LAUNCHES 🚀
  • Russell Lowry is building Bundil in public that helps to invest spare change into cryptocurrency.
  • Jake Aronskind launched Pepper, a social cooking app to share foods with friends.
  • Kyleigh launched Maker of Habit newsletter.
  • Lucie le liard launched Positive Impact Design , helping with brand strategy and design to change the world.
  • Stephanie Leue is building to help with personalized learning using AI.
  • Saurav Arya is building Belief Capital in public. A platform to invest your belief in people, projects and ideas.
  • Tommy is building Meerkat, a community building app for parents.
  • Joe Rhew launched Ops Hacks, a community for early stage startup ops.
  • Samantha Hu is building Stylesyh in public, one place to sell and manage all your subscriptions.
  • Kostja Palovic has added a lot of new features to Appliku, server management designed especially for django.
  • Alex Mathew has launched twickr, a chrome extension that brings live tweets while watching sports.
  • Kevin Martin has launched the beta version of unspun, from 3D scans to ultra-sustainable and custom-built jeans.
  • Sebastien is building Training companion, an app for sports coaches and trainers.
  • Jamiu Ozigi launched Quabbly, a no-code platform for internal applications.
  • Bhanu launched Gyftbook, an easy way to celebrate special occasions.
  • Andrew Davison launched a community that helps no-coders become automation consultants.
  • Michelle Tandler is building a cooking course for beginners at Life School.
  • Gokul Madan recently launched Junior Boss to help kids learn entrepreneurship.
  • Akhil BVS has launched letterhunt and BuyMeACryptoCoffee by building in public.
  • Pranav Raj has launched a new version of Chatwoot with exciting updates.
  • Tanya Sharma is building Wonder path, a growth planning tool.
  • Rashik Hoque launched Onethread , a project management tool.
  • Kerim Kaya has launched Albus by building in public.
  • Jasch Shah launched Reader’s paradise, a website which curates the best content on the internet.
  • Ayushi built and launched Moogle in public.
  • Shlomo Freund launched 30-day South Korea vacation countdown tracker for kids.
  • Tono Alvarez launched fundlo, a startup acquisition market.
  • Gabriel Kivilohkare is building Organizedly in public.
  • Coda, a maker fund to help creators make docs/templates that solve important problems has been launched (managed by Jeremy Olson).
  • Tom launched Twnty Four, a chrome extension that displays day timeline.
  • Andrew Peacock is writing articles on building in public on BuildInPublics.
  • Dmitry Pokidov launched pixboost, real-time image processing and performance optimization.
  • Stuart is doing a 12-week bubble bootcamp to build WhoWorksThere.
  • Sankalp Sinha is building his portfolio website in public.
  • Ravdeep Anand has published a newsletter on no-code.
#buildinpublic WINS: 🏆
  • Shoutout to Akhil as his product letterhunt was featured as #1 product of the week on Product Hunt.
  • A big win for Jake Aronskind as the Pepper app overtook the #1 spot on the iOS app store search for “recipe sharing” surpassing the $220M Japanese company cookpad.
  • Shoutout to Lim How Wei for crossing $30k MRR for his product Followchain.
  • A big win for Ch Daniel for crossing $2.5k MRR for his product which was built in public.
  • Prakash Chandran and team’s Xano was featured as #2 product of the day on Product Hunt on 12th October.
Maker Spotlight 🔅
As a surprise addition, today, I wanted to feature a maker who caught my eye on the original thread.
It is Ramsri Goutham Golla who is building Questgen in public, which is an AI microSaaS platform. Think of it like but for edtech to autogenerate assessments like MCQs, True/False from any text. I was impressed by his tweets and the fact that he was leveraging no-code tools so I did a quick interview with him about his lessons. Here they are:
What’s one lesson you learned from building this product?
Coming from Data Science background, I tried several times to learn enough frontend and backend to put together an AI app and launch.
But because of the sheer complexity involved in it, my projects never saw the light for the day.
Nocode tools like Bubble just blew me away with their capabilities. In a month of learning Bubble, my app was live with payments integrated.
What’s your no-code stack?
Dorik (Landing Page), Bubble (Main App), GPT-3, and text processing API on AWS (low-code)
What are some impressive stats about your product?
800+ signups, 10,000+ MCQs generated, and 4 paid users ($68 revenue) in 2 months of launch.
Thanks for reading 🙏
Feel free to follow me at @thisiskp_if you want to stay up to date.
As always, your feedback is welcome. Please hit reply and feel free to share what you think I can improve on.
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