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Build In Public - Community Edition (May 10th 2021)

Build In Public - Community Edition (May 10th 2021)
By KP • Issue #9 • View online
Hello folks,
Hope you’re well. A special welcome to the new subscribers who’ve newly signed up to keep up with the latest launches within the “build in public” space 👋
To add value to you and keep things ultra simple, I’ve decided to change up the format of this newsletter to reflect my new intentions of integrating community much more intricately into each edition so ….you’re seeing the 1st iteration of this new idea.
Agenda for this newsletter:
  1. Featured Launches 🚀
  2. Featured Interview 📣
  3. Bonus Mentions 🤩
  4. Personal Updates 💌
Let’s get to it!
Featured Launches 🚀
Last week, I experimented with a new idea called “Open Call” which seemed to have resonated well.
The intention was to bring more visibility and amplify founders and creators building in public. Once again, for this week’s edition, I asked my Twitter audience for submissions of what they shipped recently and here I’m including a few hand-curated launches in this newsletter.

a no-code platform that enables enterprises to build software at the speed of thought
Relevant links:
Organize charity events at restaurants
Relevant Links:
Community Copilot
The CRM toolkit for building a community your members love.
Relevant Links:
Submitted by: Kieran Ball
Featured Interview 📣
Along with the launches, each edition, I want to select one of the people who shipped something awesome and do a text interview so you can all learn about their story and what they are building. Today’s feature is on Erik Rowell, co-founder and CTO of UIflow.
What is the one line description of what your startup offers?
  • We are building a no-code platform that enables enterprises to build software at the speed of thought
What is the problem/pain point you are solving?
  • Every company grows to a certain size in which a horizontal UI platform layer is needed in order to streamline application development, while also enabling non-technical team members. Rather than spending years and millions of dollars building out a custom solution (which nearly every company does today), Uiflow productizes this horizontal UI platform layer so that every company can become a software company.
Who’s your ideal customer?
  • Our ideal customer is made up of development teams who need to build applications on top of existing APIs, where security, scalability, custom UI components, brand, and collaboration are important. Uiflow is designed for engineers, designers, product managers, and quality assurance team members.
What’s a trend/paradigm shift in the world that has enabled your startup?
  • No-code capabilities are starting to penetrate enterprises, and the demand for software development is outpacing the number of software engineers in the world. In order to keep up, enterprises are looking to enable non-technical team members to build software. Workflow, event-based, and internal application needs are being served by no-code capabilities today, but more sophisticated consumer-facing software is not.
Where can people join/sign up for your product?
  • We are launching our closed self-serve product in June. Go to our homepage at to sign up for access.
Any thoughts on the build in public movement?
  • Although we have largely been in stealth until now, we are looking forward to engaging with the community more and more throughout our journey. We believe that no-code is the next natural evolutionary step in the story of software development, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We want every person on earth to be able to express themselves through software.
Bonus Mentions: 🤩
Some more badass creators and founders who shipped something recently
In case you are curious, below you will find out the remaining list of updates posted as replies in my tweet thread.
Another open call to makers/founders 🚨

I have roughly 1800 newsletter subscribers interested in #buildinpublic content

I'm planning to send an email soon & showcase 3 launches from this *past week*

Drop links to your launch tweets below 👇🏽

Apps, newsletters or websites
Thanks for reading.
If you have any new products/apps/sites/newsletters you have launched recently and want to be featured to nearly 2000 people, keep an eye out for another “open call” on my Twitter. Feel free to follow me at @thisiskp_if you want to stay up to date.
As always, your feedback is welcome. Please hit reply and share what you think of this new format or anything I should add/remove. Thank you!
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